Non-Compliant Mobiles will be paired with User’s SIM Number by PTA

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Non-Compliant Mobiles will be paired with User’s SIM Number by PTA

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has introduced Device Identification, Registration and Blocking Systems also known as DIRBS to identify or block smuggled, stolen devices or unregistered mobile phones. Previously, we discussed How to verify/register your mobile device with DIRBS but in case, if you have a non-compliant device and you aren’t sure what to do in such situation then and the very important question these days is whether non-compliant devices will work after the given deadline by PTA or not.

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has officially declared that all non-compliant mobile devices with active SIM or IMEI will remain operational without service interruption after 1st December 2018. Non-compliant mobile phones will be paired with user’s active mobile phone number. To check for whether a device is unregistered or not, deadline has been given by PTA of December 1st, 2018.


Non Compliant phones banned warning from PTA

How to Check Your Mobile Phone Status:

  1. Dial *#06# from your mobile phone. As a result, you will receive your mobile device IMEI number   
  2. Send this 15 digit IMEI number to 8484
  3. Afterwards, you will receive text mentioning about your device’s current status whether it’s a compliant or non-compliant device.

All the mobile phones that are activated by December 1st, 2018 with any Pakistani cellular network will remain operational (in service afterwards). Non-compliant devices, that will be active till December 1st, 2018 on any Pakistani Mobile Service Operator will be paired automatically with their respective mobile SIM number.

After December 1st, 2018 before purchasing any new or used mobile-device, mobile phones users will need to verify the device whether its compliant or not by sending their device’s 15-digits IMEI number to 8484.  

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