Ufone Number Check Code: How to Check Ufone Number Owner Detail

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Ufone Number Check Code: How to Check Ufone Number Owner Detail

Sometimes, we forget our SIM number, specially if we are reactivating it after a long time or there could be other similar reasons. To combat this problem and to easily check your Ufone SIM Number, all you need to do is simply follow 5 easy methods to know your Ufone SIM number & Ownership details without balance. Let’s get started:

1. Ufone Number Check USSD Code Method:

This is one of the easiest methods to check any Ufone number details, by following below given simple and easy steps, you can find out your ufone number. Here are the details:

  1. Go to > Dialer
  2. Type *780*3#and click call button
  3. In next step, your Ufone SIM number will appear on your screen

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2. Ufone SIM Number Check without Balance:

There’s another way with which you can easily check your Ufone SIM number for absolutely FREE, by following the below given method:

  1. Go to > Dialer
  2. Type *1# and click call button
  3. In next step, your Ufone SIM number will be appeared on your screen

Additional Information:

Ufone SIM number check code may vary, according to Customer’s city / place. In case of any difficulty, Customers are requested to check other codes given below, if the aforementioned codes does not work for them *9# , *8# , *7# , *6# , *5# , *4# , *3# , *2# , *1# ,*0#

For further assistance please visit Ufone Official Website or dial Ufone Helpline 0331 1333100

The above given methods are completely free and by following, this procedure you will be able to find complete information of the owner of Ufone SIM.

3. How to Check Ufone Number Owner:

To check Ufone number owner details, you will need to send an Empty Message to a short code 667. By following this procedure, one can easily find out Ufone SIM Number ownership details via SMS.

Code Charges
Send Empty Message to 667 Minimal Service Charges may apply
  • Customers can also retrieve details that are (required for MNP) by sending MNP in SMS to 667 from any mobile network SIM.
  • The response includes Name, CNIC number & ICCID / IMSI of sender.

4. Trace Ufone Number:

As of now, the company Ufone has not introduced any such service to facilitate customers with which they can actually trace their/any Ufone Number in Pakistan. However, there’s another way by which you can trace your Ufone Number.

All you need to do is simply log onto Google Find My Device option. This way, you will be given with an option to make a phone call on your number. Hence, you can easily find your mobile in case, if it was misplaced in your house somewhere.

5. Ask a Friend:

You can ask any friend, who already had saved this misplaced number earlier into his/her contacts list. As soon as they will give you a call, your Ufone number will appear on their mobile screen. We hope any of the above given methods will work for you.

All of the above mentioned methods are absolutely free to use and by following these methods you can easily find out your Ufone number even with zero balance. For further assistance, please call Ufone helpline 333 or visit PTA website https://www.pta.gov.pk/en

6. Terms & Conditions:

  • Subscription codes can be changed at any time, subscribers are requested to check Ufone Official website if the code doesn’t work for them.
  • Please dial 333 Ufone helpline for further information
  • Customers will receive their Ufone sim owner name on their mobile screens for absolutely free
  • This service would might only work on active sims, inactive sims may not work

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