Ufone introduces 4G in Islamabad So How to Check Ufone 4G Coverage in Your Area

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Ufone 4G Pakistan

Ufone has always been Pakistan’s no.1 network as it is one of the most reliable mobile-networks of the country. If we specifically talk about services, Ufone has always ranked on no. 1 position as it provides clear voice as well as instant, fast and smooth internet experience to its subscribers.

A spokesperson from Ufone has recently confirmed that the company has introduced 4G services particularly for the customers who are residing in Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Furthermore, major cities of the country such as Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar are also going to experience Ufone 4G/LTE services in near future hopefully in coming weeks.

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Ufone is basically planning to expand LTE services phase-wise as the company has Technology Neutral Licenses for Cellular Mobile Services.

Here is what exactly the spokesperson Ufone stated about Ufone 4G LTE services:

“Ufone always focuses on better customer experience. We are planning to introduce a 4G/LTE service in Major Metropolitan Cities. We would love to let our customers have a great experience of 4G/LTE with Ufone”

Here is an image of Ufone 4G LTE activated service:


Ufone 4G Islamabad

1. Requirements to Check Ufone 4G LTE Service Area Coverage

Ufone 4G LTE services will surely help customers to experience smooth yet lightning fast internet connectivity. To avail or activate Ufone 4G LTE services, you will need to consider all the points that are given below:

  1. To avail Ufone 4G LTE, you must have a 4G LTE compatible Ufone SIM
  2. You must be residing within the vicinity/area where Ufone 4G LTE services are already activated or offered
  3. You must have a compatible 4G LTE supported handset/device

2. Ufone 4G LTE Service Area Coverage Status Check Code:

  • All Ufone customers can simply dial *4# to check whether 4G LTE services are available in their area or subscribers can also dial this code to learn more about Ufone LTE services
  • To avail Ufone 4G LTE Services in your mobile, you will first of all need to setup your device. Below are the details of Ufone 4G LTE Settings for Android as well as iOS devices.

3. Ufone 4G LTE Settings for Android Devices:

If you have an Android Phone and want to activate Ufone 4G LTE Service, then follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to > Phone Settings
  2. Open > Mobile Network
  3. Open > Network Mode
  4. Click on > 4G LTE AUTO

4. Ufone 4G LTE Settings for iOS Devices:

If you have an iPhone/iOS device and want to activate Ufone 4G LTE Service, then follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to > Settings
  2. Open > Mobile Data
  3. Open > Mobile Data Options
  4. Click on > Voice & Data
  5. Then Click on > LTE


Ufone 4G Settings

So these were the complete details of Ufone 4G LTE services (Activation Code, 4G LTE Settings for Android/iOS Devices). Do let us know what do you think about this initiative that Ufone has taken to facilitate its customers or send in your queries related to Ufone 4G LTE service i.e. if you want to know more about it at info@cells.pk stay tuned!

Ufone 4G Pakistan