List of All Latest Warid Call Packages 2019 with activation codes and Prices

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List of All Latest Warid Call Packages 2019 with activation codes and Prices

Warid Call Packages 2019 gives you the freedom to always stay connected with your loved-ones.

In this article, you can find complete details of all latest Warid Hourly, Daily, Weekly and Monthly Call Packages for Prepaid/Postpaid customers.

The best part about Jazz Warid Call Packages is that customers can enjoy On-net Minutes between Jazz Warid both networks.

Besides, aforementioned Call Packages, Warid has introduced a variety of On-net/Off-net Call Packages for its Prepaid/Postpaid Subscribers.

Hence, we have gathered all Warid Call Packages at one place for our readers convenience so that you can easily any package that best suits you according to your affordability and requirement.

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Table Of Contents:

  1. Warid Call Packages Hourly
  2. Warid Call Packages Daily
  3. Warid 2 Day Call Package
  4. Warid 3 Day Call Package
  5. Warid Call Packages Weekly
  6. Warid Monthly Call Packages
  7. Warid Off net Call Packages
  8. Warid Postpaid Call Packages
  9. Warid Postpaid Packages & Offers
  10. Warid J All-Net Postpaid Packages
  11. Warid Postpaid Addons
  12. Warid Call history

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1. Warid Call Packages Hourly:

Warid hourly call packages 2019, gives Warid Prepaid customers the freedom to stay connected for hours with their friends & family.

These Hourly Call Packages includes Warid 1 hour Call Package, Warid 2 hour Call Package, Warid Ghanta Offer and more. Please find the details below:

Package Incentives Charges Validity Subscribe/Unsub
Warid Ghanta Offer Unlimited Warid to Warid Calls Rs. 2.99+tax /per hour 1 hour Send GH to 3333Rs. 5 (Daily Charges)+12AM to 6PM (Rs. 2.9+tax /per hour)
Jazz Warid 2 Ghanta Call Package Unlimited Calls to On-net Numbers Rs. 3+tax 2 hours Warid 2 hour Call Package Code *555#
Warid Hourly Package Unlimited Calls to On-net numbers Rs. 4+tax /hour (11PM – 7PM) Rs. 8+tax /hour (7PM – 11PM) Call Rates 3+tax 2 hours Time (When you want to start package) i.e. 10PM & send it to 2742
Warid Student Bundle Unlimited Minutes Rs. 4.47 2 Hours (Not Valid between 6PM to 9PM) Subscribe *2000#Status Check *320*2#Deactivate*320*4#
Warid 12 Ghantay Call Package 250 Minutes Rs. 6 24 Hours (Valid between 12AM to 12PM) Subscribe *281#Status Check *281*2#Unsubscribe*281*4#
Warid Pakistan Offer Unlimited On-net Calls except 6PM to 8PM Rs. 12 (Excl. tax) Daily Call Limits 300 Minutes (5 hours) To Subscribe SMS PK to 4337Unsubscribe SMS PKOFF to 4337

2. Warid Call Packages Daily:

Warid customers can activate their Warid call package daily to stay connected with their friends & family for all day long.

These packages includes Jazz to Warid Daily Call Packages, Warid Daily Bundle Offer, Warid Power Pack Package and many more. Here are the details:

Package Incentives Charges Validity Subscribe Unsubscribe
Warid Power Pack Package 5 On-net Mins+100 SMS+5 MB Internet Rs 4.99 (Excl. tax) Daily SMS P to 7777 Offer will automatically deactivate same day Midnight
Warid On-net Day Bundle 10,000 On-net Minutes+150 SMS+20MB Rs. 10 Daily (Valid between 12AM to 7PM) *340# Unsubscribe*340*4#Status Check *340*2#
Warid Pakistan Offer Unlimited On-net Calls except 6PM to 8PM Rs.12 (Excl. tax) Daily SMS PK to 4337. Unsubscribe SMS PKOFF to 4337
Jazz Warid Super Daily Offer 300 Jazz+Warid Minutes for Daily Usage Rs. 14 (Incl. tax) Daily Subscribe *212# Check Status *212*2# *212*4#
Warid Har Din Bundle 500 On-net Minutes Rs. 21.51 Same Day (Till Midnight) *114*4# Unsubscribe*114*4*4#Status Check*114*4*2#
Warid Daily Bundle 200 On-net Mins+10 Off-net Mins+300 SMS+30 MBs Rs. 30 (Excl. tax) Daily Dial *99*11# Offer will be deactivated automatically after 1 day
Warid Make Your Bundle On-net/Off-net Mins+Internet+SMS (Make Any Value) As per Customers Selection Status String Validity *303*1# for Daily *303#

3. Warid 2 Day Call Package:

Warid 2 Day Call Package is an ideal package for customers, who are travelling or want to activate their Warid Call Package for short period of time. Its affordable and convenient.

Customers can easily activate this package in Rs. 36 only. Please find Subscription code, Validity, Status Check code and Deactivation code below:

Package Incentives Charges Validity Subscribe Unsubscribe
Warid 2 Day Call Package 500 On-net Minutes (Jazz/Warid) Rs. 36 2 Days / 48 Hours *211# Status Check *211*2#Deactivate*211*4#

4. Warid 3 Day Call Package:

Since Jazz 3 day call package is really popular. Hence, the company has also introduced Warid call packages 300 minutes offer with which customers can avail 300 On-net Minutes, 30 Off-net Minutes to other networks, 500 SMS along with 500 MB 4G LTE Internet. Please find the details below:

Package Charges Validity Subscribe Incentives
Warid 3 Day Bundle Rs. 70+tax 3 Days *99*1# 300 On-net Mins+30 Off-net Mins+500 SMS+500 MBs

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5. Warid Call Packages Weekly:

With Warid Weekly Call Packages , customers can now enjoy exciting incentives for 1 whole week at affordable charges.

Warid Weekly Call Bundles include Warid Haftawar Offer, Warid Weekly All Network Offer, Warid Call Packages Weekly 997 Offer and more. Please find complete details below:

Package Charges Incentives Validity Subscribe Unsubscribe
Warid Poora Hafta Offer Rs.80 100 on-net mints(mon-sat)+250 on-net minutes(sunday)+1000 SMS+250 MBs 7 Days SMS WO to 3333 Offer will automatically deactivate after 1 Week
Warid Haftawar Offer Rs. 85 (Incl. tax) 1000 Jazz/Warid Mins+100 MB Internet+1000 SMS 7 Days *407# Unsubscribe*407*4#Status Check *407*2#
Warid New SIM Offer Rs. 99 (Incl. tax) 1500 Jazz+Warid Mins+1500 Upfront SMS+1500 MBs Upfront 7 Days *989# Offer will automatically be unsubscribed after 7 days Check Remaining Resources*989*2#
Warid 7 Day Call Offer Rs. 110 ( 700 On-net Mins+70 Off-net Mins+700 SMS+700 MBs 7 Days *99*7# Offer will be deactivated after 7 days
Warid Weekly All Network Offer Rs. 120 (Incl. tax) 1000 Jazz/Warid Minutes+50 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS+250 MB Internet 7 Days Subscribe*700# Check Status *700*2# Unsubscribe*700*4#Status Check *700*2#
Warid Weekly Super Duper Offer Rs. 170 (Incl. tax) 1500 MB Internet+1500 Jazz/Warid Mins+1500 SMS+25 Other Network Mins 7 Days *770# Unsubscribe*770*4#Status Check*770*2#
Warid Make Your Bundle On-net/Off-net Mins+Internet+SMS (Make Any Value) As per Customers Selection Status String Validity *303*7# for Weekly *303#

6. Warid Call Packages Monthly 2019:

With Jazz Warid Call Packages for monthly usage, Warid Prepaid Customers can enjoy amazing free incentives for 1 whole Month.

These Call bundles includes Jazz to Warid Call Packages Monthly, Jazz Warid Mahana Offer and many more.

So what are you waiting for, activate your Warid Monthly Call Package now to avail exciting incentives. Please find complete details below:

Package Charges Incentives Validity Subscribe Status Code
Warid SIM Lagao Offer 2019 Rs. 0.06 (Incl. tax) 3000 On-net Mins+1500 MB+3000 SMS All Networks 60 Days *551# *553*2#
Jazz Warid Monthly All Network Package Rs. 380 (Incl. Tax) 1200 On-net Minutes Jazz+Warid+1200 SMS+1GB Internet+100 Off-net Minutes 30 Days *7000# Status Code *7000*2#Unsubscribe*7000*4#
Jazz Warid Monthly Hybrid Bundle Rs. 390 (Incl. tax) 10,000 Jazz/Warid Mins+1000 MB Internet+10,000 SMS (Daily limit 333 Mins) 30 Days Subscribe*430#Unsubscribe*430*4# *430*2#
Jazz Warid Monthly Super Duper Offer Rs. 499 (Incl. tax) 1500 Jazz/Warid Mins+1500 SMS+100 Off-net Mins+2GB Internet 30 Days *706# *706*2#
Jazz Warid All Rounder Offer Rs. 499 (Incl. tax) 200 All Networks Minutes+1500 SMS+5GB Internet 30 Days (x+29 days) *2000# Status Check *2000*2#Unsubscribe*2000*4#
Warid Mahana Offer Rs. 520 inclusive tax 1500 on-net mints+100 off-net minutes+1500 SMS+1500 MBs 30 Days *99*33# Status Check *99*33*2#Unsubscribe*99*33*4#
Warid Gold Monthly Package Rs. 590 (Incl. tax) 1800 On-net Mins+1800 SMS All Networks+1800MB+ 180 Off-net Mins 30 Days *707# Unsubscribe*707*4#Status Check*707*2#
Jazz Warid Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer Rs. 799 (Incl. tax) 5GB Internet+3000 Jazz/Warid Mins+200 Other Networks Mins+3000 SMS 30 Days Subscribe*707#Unsubscribe*707*4# *707*2#
Warid Make Your Bundle As Per Customer’s Selection On-net/Off-net Mins+Internet+SMS (Make Any Value) Status String Validity *303*30# for Monthly *303# Status Check *303*2#Unsubscribe*303*4#

7. Warid Off net Call Packages:

Warid Prepaid customers can now enjoy Off-Net calls on joining or re-joining Warid network.

Customers will need to get a recharge of Rs. 50 or more in order to win FREE Minutes for Off-net Calls equivalent to the recharged amount.

Please find complete details of warid off net call packages below:

Package Charges Subscribe Details Conditions
Jazz Warid Monthly Super Duper Plus Package Rs. 625 (Incl. Tax) *707# Jazz+Warid 2000 Mins, 200 Other Network Mins, 4000 MB Internet, 2000 SMS Offer will be valid for 30 Days
Warid FREE Calls to All Networks Offer Recharge of Rs. 50 at least, will be required to avail this offer Automatically enabled for Prepaid & MNP users / Send FREE to 3733 or dial IVR for FREE Calls Enjoy FREE Unlimited Calls to ALL Local Networks For those who are re-activating Warid SIM (Warid SIM should be inactive for the last 30 days)

8. Warid Postpaid Call Packages:

The company has designed various Prepaid/Postpaid Packages to provide its customers with best services.

These intelligently designed warid packages for Postpaid subscribers offers exciting incentives at affordable rates.

Warid Postpaid Call Packages includes J300, J600, J999 and J1500. Please find the details below:

Package Line Rent Incentives Internet Bundle Details Bill Incentive Details CTA
Warid J300 Postpaid Package Rs. 300 (Excl. Tax) 1000 Jazz/Warid On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+500 MB+150 SMS *443# *1111# *777#
Warid J600 Postpaid Package Rs. 600 (Excl. tax) 2000 Jazz/Warid On-net Mins+300 Off-net Mins+1000 MB+300 SMS *443# *1111# *777#
Warid J999 Postpaid Package Rs. 999 (Excl. tax) Unlimited Jazz/Warid On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+ 2GB + 1000 SMS *443# *1111# Dial 777
Warid J1500 Postpaid Package Rs. 1500 (Excl. tax) Unlimited Jazz/Warid On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+ 7GB & FREE 1GB for FB/WhatsApp + 7000 SMS *443# *1111# *777#

9. Warid Postpaid Packages & Offers:

Please find complete details Warid latest Postpaid Call Offers, subscribers can choose any package of their choice that best suits them according to their affordability or requirement.

Warid prepaid customers can also convert their Warid number from prepaid to postpaid. Please find complete offer details below:

Package Charges Subscribe Incentives
Warid Monthly Super Hybrid Postpaid Package Rs. 200 *99*1# 1000 On-net Mins+1000 SMS for All Networks+1GB
Warid Monthly Unlimited Hybrid Postpaid Bundle Rs. 400 *99*2# 2500 On-net Mins+2500 SMS+2.5GB Internet
Warid Super Monthly Postpaid Bundle Rs. 500 *727# 1000 On-net Mins+250 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS for All Networks+1GB
Warid Unlimited Monthly Postpaid Bundle Rs. 1000 *727# 2500 On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+2500 SMS to All Networks+2.5GB

10. Warid J All-Net Postpaid Packages:

Warid J All-Net Packages offers between 100 Minutes to 500 Minutes.

These Warid Postpaid packages can be availed for 1 whole Month at quite affordable charges.

Package Free Minutes Monthly Rent Validity
Warid J All-Net Lite Call Package 100 Mins Rs. 100/- Monthly
Warid J All-Net Mini Call Package 200 Mins Rs. 200/- Monthly
Warid J All-Net Smart Call Package 300 Mins Rs. 300/- Monthly
Warid J All-Net Super Call Package 400 Mins Rs. 400/- Monthly
Warid J All-Net Budget Call Package 500 Mins Rs. 500/- Monthly

11. Warid Postpaid Add Ons:

Here are complete details of all Warid Postpaid Call Addons with their latest prices and validity.

Customers can subscribe to these addons by simply dialing Warid helpline center number 321

Warid Add Ons Free Minutes Monthly Rent Validity
Warid 100 All Net 100 Mins Rs. 125/- 1 Month
Warid 200 All Net 200 Mins Rs. 250/- 1 Month
  • To Subscribe to J All-Net Packages or to read Offer terms & conditions please visit Activate J All-Net Online or dial Warid Helpline 321

Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices are subject to change at Warid’s discretion
  • Service charges of 5% and operational fee of 5% apply on recharge and 19.5% FED applies on usage in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and KPK
  • Service charges of 5.11% and operational fee of 5.11% apply on recharge and 17% FED applies on usage in Federal Territory, FATA, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan
  • 2.14% higher prices will be charged in Federal Territory, FATA, , AJK and Gilgit Baltistan
  • If you are not subscribed to any bundle, you will be charged according to base rate i.e. Rs. 3.59/ MB. Charging pulse will be 512 KB

12. Warid Call History (Warid Self Care Service):

Warid Prepaid users can now get their Call History Details from Warid Commercial Website Members Area

Offer Mechanics:

  1. After Signing in on Members area, Prepaid Call History option will appear.
  2. User will need to select Date Range maximum of 21 days > press > View
  3. PIN code will be auto generated for verification, which will be sent on customer’s number through SMS.
  4. Customer will then enter PIN Code > press Submit
  5. Upon successful verification of customer’s PIN Code, Call History Details will be visible to user.
  6. Download Call History Details option is also available.
  7. Call to Action: Charges are FREE Of Cost.

Bonus: Some useful Warid call packages infographics

Warid Daily Call Packages

Hope you found Jazz Warid Call Packages (Latest) helpful and interesting. Stay tuned for more interesting news, reviews and updates.

About Warid:

Warid is one of the best network providers in Pakistan which offers GSM, HSPA+ and LTE based services. Headquartered in Lahore, Warid is also famous as the largest mobile operators in the country.

Warid is the seventh largest mobile carrier to enter the Pakistani market. The company commenced commercial operations in May 23, 2005 in the country.

Warid is owned by Abu Dhabi Group (a business conglomerate in the Middle East and a major investor in Pakistan).

Warid Helpline Number is 321

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