7 Ways to Protect your Eyes from Digital Screens (Mobile/Laptop)

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7 Ways to Protect your Eyes from Digital Screens (Mobile/Laptop)

If we talk about advanced technology, it has definitely made our lives easier than ever. In this digital era where everyone is connected to the internet via digital devices, we usually spend ample amount of time in front of our digital screens such as Mobile phones, Laptops, Tablets etc without even using protective glasses or adjusting screen lightning.

Well, this can really damage your eyes and can put you in critical situations as people nowadays are so busy that they are completely unaware of the harmful effects that these mobile phones and laptops have on the eyes.   

Here, in this article, we are going to share 7 easy ways through which you can easily protect your eyes from the harms of digital devices such as Laptops, Cell Phones and so on and so forth

Below, we have mentioned some useful tips, if you really want to protect your eyes, then follow the remedies we have given here, these remedies are extremely helpful for a tech-savvy who can incorporate them into his/her daily routine life to avoid strain on the eyes due to over-use of digital screens.

Side effects of staring at a Digital Screen / Computer for too long:

As we all know, that complaints of the eye diseases and fatigue are most common among the digital devices’ users. No, I am not discussing “Harmful Radiations” here, as digital screens passes little or no rays but they expose your eyes to Blue Light. There are studies which spread light on “Blue Light Exposure” which can definitely harm an eye if we specifically consider its long-term side effects. Surprisingly, according to a recent study, childrens’ eyes absorb more Blue Light than adults from digital screens.

Digital Devices can also cause eye strain in addition to Fatigue, Dry Eyes, Styes, Eye Chalazions and other eye-related diseases. Some people start experiencing sores, irritating/itchy eyes or even difficulty focusing objects at an early age just because of the excessive usage of these digital devices.

Eye Strain Remedies & Other eye diseases treatments:

One can easily prevent eye strain or other eye problems by making small changes in his/her lifestyle and workspace. Below are few tips & suggestions on how to make your workspace more comfortable so that you may not experience any side-effects which amy harm your eyes.   

1. Eye Exercises:

Keeping your eyes glued to a digital screen without even blinking can be really harmful and as a result you may experience issues while trying to focus on anything. It is highly recommended to move your eyes clockwise, anti-clockwise, up & down changing their position every 20 minutes or a little less. 

Eye Exercise

2. Place your Screen an arm length Away from your Eyes:

Another useful tip to protect your eyes is; you place your computer/mobile phone screen between 20-26 inches or an arm away from your eyes and it should also be a little bit below the eye level. Also get a chair that is adjustable (which you can adjust easily according to your body).

Eye Distance from Screen

3. Use Eye Strain Glasses:

Optometrists highly recommend using glasses to protect eyes from computer screens, they are specially made to reduce glare (anti-glare glasses) and eye strain. These glasses actually help users to protect their eyes from harmful glare and prevent digital eye strain problem. 

Eye Strain Glasses

What are Computer Glasses:

Computer glasses are basically yellow-tinted lenses that are capable of blocking Blue Light Exposure to help ease digital eye strain and other diseases by adjusting the screen contrast. Anti-reflective lenses reduce glare and blocks blue light from digital screens. 

4. Adjust Screen 5 inches below the eye level:

Setting your screen 5 inches below the eye level will ensure that major percentage of your eyeballs are entirely protected by your eyelids as your eyes would be opened at a smaller angle. 

Screen Adjustment

5. Take a Break:

Eye specialists highly recommend to take a break after every 2 hours of digital screens usage for 15 to 20 minutes, this will prevent diseases like dry eye, fatigue and other similar problems. During these breaks, please make sure to allow your eyes to rest, blink hence they will re-lubricate. Taking regular breaks is not only good for the eyes but also for general health.

Take a Break

6. Reduce Glare & Adjust Screen Lighting:

It is very important that your device screen is adjusted in relation to the environment where you are sitting. If you are in a room where there is enough light, then you will need to increase your screen brightness. If you are in a room where there’s very dim light you will need to decrease your screen brightness.  

There are various tips, to reduce glare from your device’s screen for instance; keep your screen clean, sit away from open windows, use lower-voltage lights/bulbs. These steps can really help reduce glare from your device’s screen.

Adjust Screen Light

7. Expose your eyes to nature & limit usage:

If you have spent ample time while sitting on your computer or mobile screen then it will be highly suitable to go out in natural light for a small walk as Daylight / Natural light helps adjust your circadian rhythms and also helps reconnect your eyes with natural light. This technique is also used to improve sleep and mood as well. 

Limit your digital screen usage as much as possible, as this will surely help minimize the side-effects of digital screens.If you are unable to limit your usage we would suggest you to at least cut back before going to bed. 

Relax Your Eyes

Useful Tip: 

If your eyes are tired of intense use of digital screens, it’s probably the result of eye strain, but it can be easily treated with a very useful trick which is called 202020 rule

20/20/20 Rule

  • Every 20 minutes, look at something or anything which is 20 feet away from your eyes for 20 seconds. It will prevent lots of issues related to eye problems as well as eye strain. 

Hope all of the aforementioned tips & suggestions will surely help you to prevent your eyes from strain and other eye problems. These issues can easily be avoided by simply making small changes at your workspace whether it’s your office or home.  

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