Zong Free Internet Tricks 2019 (9 Easy Methods)

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Zong Free Internet Tricks 2019 (9 Easy Methods)

Pakistan’s no. 1 data network – Zong always come up with something new to provide its subscribers with best affordable packages & services.

If you have a Zong SIM and want to avail free internet then read full article as we are going to share 9 latest methods to use Zong free internet 2019 with which you can enjoy Zong Free Youtube Streaming & Zong Free Internet Download unlimited.

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Here we have gathered all latest methods to use Zong Free Internet such as Proxy Method, Zong Free Internet USSD Codes Trick, How to set up Zong Free internet proxy settings, Zong free youtube videos downloading method and more. So, without any delay, let’s get started:

Table Of Contents:

  1. FREE 4GB Internet
  2. FREE Facebook Package 2019
  3. FREE WhatsApp Code 247
  4. New SIM Trick
  5. UC Browser Trick
  6. FREE Internet Proxy Setting
  7. UC Handler Free Internet Trick
  8. FREE Internet for Youtube Videos
  9. SIM Lagao Trick

1. Zong Free 4GB Internet 2019:

My Zong 4GB free Data

If you have not installed ‘My Zong App’ yet and want to avail 4GB Zong Free Internet, then all you need to do is, simply follow the steps given below as Zong offers 4GB FREE Internet on registering your account for the first time on ‘My Zong App’:

  1. Open Play Store / App Store
  2. Search My Zong App
  3. Download the App & Register your Zong Number
  4. On successful login, you will get 4GB FREE Zong Internet which will be valid for next 3 Days
  5. To Check Free Resources open > My Account in My Zong App and there, you will find complete details of how much data is consumed.
  6. This way, you can easily avail FREE 4GB Internet Data through My Zong App

2. Zong FREE 3G/4G Package for Facebook 2019:

This method gives you the freedom to use unlimited facebook on your Zong SIM without any charges. All you need to do is follow the instructions given below and enjoy your Zong Unlimited Free Facebook Internet. Here are the details:

  1. Unlimited FREE Internet Data (Valid for Facebook FREE Mode Data)
  2. Offer Validity is 1 Day
  3. Offer Charges are Rs. 0 (This is an absolutely free-of-charge Offer)
  4. No Subscription Required
  5. Facebook Flex feature allow users to switch between DATA mode and FREE mode of Facebook
  6. To enable the feature Go to > Facebook > Login Account > In Settings Dropdown Menu you will find Facebook FREE Mode > Enable it
  7. You can now stay connected with your friends & family via Zong Free Internet

3. Zong FREE WhatsApp Code 247 Method:

By subscribing to this method, Zong Prepaid, Postpaid, MBB Users and Internet SIM customers can enjoy unlimited WhatsApp on Zong Internet SIM.

This package was initially free-of-charge, when it was introduced but now there are minimal charges to use Zong FREE WhatsApp for 1 whole month. Please find the details below:

  1. Enjoy Zong FREE Unlimited WhatsApp (Unlimited video & voice calls, Picture sharing, Text & voice messages and video sharing & downloading)
  2. Offer Price is Rs. 25 (Including Taxes)
  3. Offer Validity is 30 Days
  4. Dial *247# to subscribe to this offer
  5. Zong free WhatsApp unsubscribe code – SMS Unsub SM and send it to 6464
  6. For more details visitZong WhatsApp Offer 2019

4. Zong Free Internet Code 2019 with New SIM Offer:

If you have just bought your new Zong SIM, then you are eligible to avail Zong New SIM Offer which provides 2GB FREE Internet Data for 3 days:

  1. Enjoy 2GB FREE Internet Data
  2. Offer Validity 3 Days
  3. Offer Charges Rs. 0
  4. Dial Zong Free Internet Code 2019 to enjoy lightning fast uninterrupted internet *10#

5. Zong UC Browser Free Unlimited Internet 2019:

By downloading UC Browser, Zong customers can enjoy free internet. All you need to do is download UC Browser and enter the following settings into your device:

  1. Install UC Browser in your device
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Open “Access Points
  4. Create “New Access Point
  5. APN: zonginternet
  6. Proxy:
  7. Port: 80
  8. Go back to UC Browser and start using Zong 4G Free Internet

Remember: Visit http websites on Chrome only otherwise https websites won’t work.

6. Zong Free Internet Proxy Setting 2019 Method:

  1. Install UC Browser (UC mini won’t work)
  2. Open UC Browser
  3. Click on URL bar and enter free.facebook.com.kproxy.com and press Go Button
  4. In the next step, you will be redirected to Kproxy Website
  5. That’s it. Enjoy Zong Free Internet 2019 latest

Zong Kproxy method

7. Zong Free Internet UC Handler Method:

Another Method to use free Zong internet is with UC Handler, download UC Handler and follow the instructions that are mentioned below:

  1. Install UC Handler
  2. Setup UC Handler (Do the following):
  3. Real Proxy
  4. Type: HTTP
  5. Real Proxy Server:
  6. Port: 80
  7. Install Yoga VPN
  8. Connect with Default Settings
  9. You can now enjoy Zong 4G FREE Internet with UC Handler Method

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8. Zong Free Internet for Youtube Downloading 2019:

This method is extremely useful for downloading YouTube Videos. To download free videos from Youtube, please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Install any Screen Recorder
  2. Start Recording
  3. Open Youtube
  4. Watch your favourite videos
  5. All videos will be recorded and saved to the device storage
  6. Video Downloaded! You can now watch your favourite videos at anytime.

9. Zong SIM Lagao Free Internet Offer:

If you have not used your Zong SIM for the last 30 days, then you are eligible to avail Zong SIM Lagao Free Internet Offer which provides 6000 Zong Minutes, 6000 SMS (for all networks) and 3000 MB Internet for absolutely FREE.

To activate Zong free internet offer please dial *2244# Here are the details:

  1. 6000 FREE Zong Minutes+3GB Internet+6000 SMS (For All Networks)
  2. Offer Validity 60 Days
  3. Recharge Required to avail this Offer is Rs. 50 and more
  4. Activate Zong Free Internet by dialing *2244#
  5. Check remaining resources via My Zong App
  6. This way, you can easily avail Free Internet Offer on your Zong SIM

About Zong

Zong or China Mobile Pakistan is a Pakistani mobile network operator and is headquartered in Islamabad which offers data and voice services ranging from prepaid and postpaid plans.The company was founded in 2008. Zong hasmore than 300 franchises nationwide with around 200,000 retail partners. Since the launch of 3G and 4G services in Pakistan, Zong has introduced various packages for its users.

Zong is the first cellular company in Pakistan to acquire the 4g licence in spectrum auction held in Islamabad in the month of April, 2014. Since then Zong has introduced number of internet packages for daily, weekly, and monthly usage.

These were all latest Zong Free Internet Tricks 2019. Do let us know in the comments section below if you have any free internet trick in mind which can make its way to our upcoming free internet tricks roundup session. Stay tuned!

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