How to Check Your Zong Sim number detail & SIM Card Owner Name (Complete Info)

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With Zong number check code 2018, Zong customers can easily find out their number. There are times, when we actually forget our numbers especially when we reactivate old Zong SIM. In today’s article we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to check Zong number on cnic, Zong number check information and more, even if you are running out of balance.

There are 3 different methods, which we are going to share in this article and by following these simple tricks you can easily know your Zong number plus we will also share details about how to check Zong SIM card owner name below. Please read complete article or jump straight to your desired section by clicking on the links given below:

  1. Zong Number Check Code
  2. Zong Sim Owner name

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Get Your Zong Sim Number Check Code:

There are 3 Methods to check your Zong sim number as mentioned below. You can try any of them to get your forgotten mobile number. If you see that any of them does not work for you because of insufficient balance or for any other reason then you should try the other method which is free.

(Method 1):

If you are running out of balance and want to check your Zong number detail then you will simply need to dial this code *2# for absolutely FREE as this service has no subscription charges. This way you can easily get required information.

Code Charges
*2# Rs. 0 (Including tax) this offer is absolutely FREE

Method 2:

By following these simple and easy steps, you can easily check your Zong SIM number:

  1. Open Dialpad
  2. Dial *100# and click Call button  
  3. In next step, your Zong SIM number will appear on your screen

Method 3:

There’s another method to check Zong SIM number, if method 1 did not work for you then you can give this method a try by dialing Zong number check code, by following the below given method:

  1. Go to Dialpad
  2. Type *8# and click call button
  3. In next step, your Zong SIM number will be appeared on your screen

Additional Information:

Zong SIM number check code may vary, according to Customer’s city / place. In case of any difficulty, Customers are requested to check other codes given below, if the aforementioned codes does not work for them *9# , *8# , *7# , *6# , *5# , *4# , *3# , *2# , *1# ,*0#

For further assistance please visit Zong Official Website  or call 310 from your Zong Number.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customers can check Zong number only on their active Zong sim, inactive SIM will probably not work
  • Codes can be changed at any time. Hence, customers are requested to please check Zong website if the codes mentioned-above doesn’t work.
  • Customers will receive their Zong sim number on their mobile screens for absolutely free
  • Please dial Zong helpline 310 for further assistance
  • Customers can check the Zong Sim Owner, Zong Number registered address and Location of Zong Number and Zong Sim number information by calling the help line

4. How to Check SIM Owner Name by mobile number (Zong):

In this section, we will tell you how to check Zong sim number customer name and cnic number. Zong customers can easily check SIM Owner name by following sim owner name finder procedure which we are going to share with you below:

  1. Go to Message Option
  2. Send an Empty Message to 667
  3. In the next step, Zong SIM owner name will be received on your Zong number via SMS.
Procedure Price
Send Empty Message to 667 Minimal Service Charges may apply

Additional Information:

  • Individuals can retrieve details (required for MNP) by sending “MNP” to 667 from customer’s current network provider (any network).
  • The reply includes the Name of person, CNIC number & ICCID/IMSI details.

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