How to Unblock Your Zong Sim & Reset PIN or PUK Code

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How to Unblock Your Zong Sim & Reset PIN or PUK Code

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If you are a Zong subscriber and looking for a solution to unlock your Zong SIM then you are at the right place as in this blog we will discuss, how to unblock Zong SIM PIN/PUK code.

This is something that many people look for in case if their SIM card gets blocked due to entering wrong PIN/PUK code more than 3 times.

Here, we will not only discuss how to unlock your Zong SIM but also we will share complete details on how to get Zong SIM 8 digit PUK code, in short we will cover every aspect related to the problems that most of the Zong customers face due to the inconvenience that their SIMs gets blocked.

1. What is PUK Code:

PUK also known as Personal Unlocking Key is actually used in 3GPP mobile devices in order to reset a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which has previously been lost or forgotten.

2. Method to Unblock Zong SIM:

Pakistan’s no. 1 data network – Zong, always offer best services to its customers. To address the SIM blocking issue due to entering incorrect/wrong PUK code more than 3 times in a row, the company has introduced various methods with which Zong customers can unlock their SIMs or can reset Zong SIM PIN/PUK Code as well. So, without further ado, let’s get started:

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3. How to Unblock Zong SIM or Reset PIN/PUK Code:

If you have got your Zong SIM blocked due to any reason and want to recover or reset your Zong PIN/PUK code then you will need to follow the methods that are given below:

4. Get Zong SIM PUK Code through SMS:

If your Zong number is temporarily blocked and you want to reset or recover your PUK code, then you will need to follow these simple & easy steps:

  1. Go to Write Message Option
  2. Type PUK
  3. Send it to 830
  4. You will shortly receive PUK code of your Zong SIM


This method will work for active Zong SIM cards. You can note it down to use it later i.e. in case if you forget your Zong SIM PIN/PUK code and your SIM is blocked, at that time you will be able to use this Zong PUK code to unlock your SIM.

5. How to Unblock Zong SIM via Helpline:

This method is helpful for those customers who have already got their Zong SIMs blocked, for instance; if your device is locked you can still know the PUK code of your SIM by dialing Zong helpline from another Zong number. Here are the details:

  1. Go to Dialer and dial 310
  2. You will be connected to Zong Customer Care Helpline
  3. Zong Customer Care Representative will ask you to provide SIM Card number (which is printed on your SIM card and contains between 8 – 15 digits), customers will also be asked to provide SIM Owner Info for verification i.e. Name, Mother’s Name etc.
  4. On successful verification of your Zong SIM Ownership, Zong CSR will provide you the required information Zong PIN/PUK code of your SIM.

6. Zong PUK Code Generator:

According to Zong, there’s no way to generate PUK code using any software, hence we suggest our readers to be aware of unnecessary blocking of your Zong SIM card. Zong Default PIN Number is 0000. If it doesn’t work for you, please do not attempt to enter this PIN number more than 2 times, otherwise your SIM can be blocked permanently.

7. Zong PIN Code Generator:

Just like Zong PUK code, PIN code can also not be generated using any software. Zong PIN code can be still be changed. You can change your PIN code just like a Password and can keep it safe to use it when needed. Here is how to change Zong PIN Code:

  1. Open > Mobile Settings
  2. Select > Change PIN option
  3. The Administrator may ask you for the current PIN code
  4. Enter Default Zong PIN Code 0000
  5. Then Enter your Desired PIN number and note it down to use it in future (when required)
  6. This way, you can easily change your Zong PIN code


To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend our readers to use Applock Apps (if you are a smartphone user) available on Google Play Store and App Store instead of setting PIN & PUK codes to avoid unnecessary blocking of SIMs.

About Zong:

Zong or China Mobile Pakistan is one of the largest mobile networks in Pakistan headquartered in Islamabad and offers Calls, SMS and 4G/LTE Internet Services ranging from Prepaid to Postpaid plans. Zong is the third largest mobile service in terms of user-base of approximately 33 million subscribers with a market share of 21% among cellular operators in Pakistan.

That was all about How to Unblock/Reset Zong SIM PIN/PUK Code, hope the information given in this blog was helpful to combat any unwelcome situation. Stay connected!

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