All Latest Zong SMS Packages 2019 with Activation and Unsub codes, Prices and Validity

Following are all latest Zong SMS Packages for (Daily, Weekly, 15 Days, Monthly & 3 Months) usage. These Zong packages gives Prepaid/Postpaid customers the freedom to always stay connected with their friends & family. Zong subscribers can activate all Zong SMS Packages online via My Zong App, all you need to do is simply download the App to subscribe to any package of your choice or you can simply activate any package through Zong SMS Packages  subscription codes given below.

Zong offers a wide range of SMS packages, hence we have gathered all Zong SMS Packages in this article, so that our readers can easily find any Zong package according their need or affordability. Some of the basic packages which Zong SMS Bundles include are Zong Daily SMS Packages, Zong Weekly SMS Packages, Zong 15 days SMS Package, Zong Monthly SMS Packages 2019, Zong 10000 SMS Package code and many more.

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Following is an updated list of all latest Zong SMS Packages (Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly, 3 Months) Prepaid/Postpaid. You can read full article or simply click on the titles given below to jump straight to your desired section:

  1. Zong Daily SMS Packages
  2. Zong Weekly SMS Package 2019
  3. Zong 15 Days SMS Packages
  4. Zong Monthly SMS Packages 2019
  5. Zong 3 Months SMS Package
  6. Zong Postpaid SMS Packages 2019

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Zong SMS Packages Prepaid:

In this section you can find all Zong Prepaid SMS Packages details which includes Zong Packages Price, Validity, Incentives, Activation codes, Unsubscribe codes and more.

1. Zong SMS Packages Daily:

Zong Daily SMS Packages has a wide variety of various brilliantly designed affordable bundles such as Zong Shandaar Daily Package, Zong Perfect Package and many more. Please find the details below:

Package Charges Incentives Validity Subscribe Unsubscribe
Zong Zulu SMS Bundle Rs. 2.50(Excl. tax) 500 SMS All Networks 1 Day *704# Send Unsub to 704
Zong Daily SMS + WhatsApp Rs. 3.99(Excl. tax) 500 SMS All Networks +30MB for WhatsApp 1 Day *700# Send Unsub to 700
Zong Full Gup Offer Rs. 5(Excl. tax) 75 On-net Mins+100 SMS All Networks + 30MB (WhatsApp) 1 Day *118*1# Send Unsub to 1181
Zong Shandaar Daily Package Rs. 8 (Excl. tax) Unlimited On-Net Mins+800 SMS All Networks + 50MB 1 Day Dial *999# SMS Unsub to 5225
Zong Flutter Daily Bundle Rs. 10(Excl. tax) 90 On-net Mins+100 SMS All Networks 1 Day *369# SMS Unsub to 369
Zong Hello Package Rs. 8(Excl. tax) 100 On-net Mins + 100 SMS All Networks + 50 MB for FB Only 1 Day *2200*1# Send Unsub to 4952
Zong Sixer Plus Package Rs. 8 (Excl. tax) 10000 On-net Mins (valid for 6AM-6PM)+500 SMS to All Networks 1 Day *666# Send Unsub to 666111
Zong Perfect Package Rs. 12(Excl. tax) 10000 On-net Mins (Valid for 10PM-7PM)+500 SMS All Networks+40 MB   1 Day (On-net Mins+SMS+40 MB Valid b/w 10PM – 7PM) *118*2# Send Unsub to 7171
Zong Unlimited Daily Offer Rs. 12(Excl. tax) Unlimited On-net Mins+1MB 1 Day *522# Send Unsub to 522

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2. Zong SMS Packages Weekly 2019:

Zong gives you the freedom to enjoy Weekly SMS Packages at affordable charges. These packages includes Zong Shandaar Weekly Offer, Zong All-In-1 Weekly Offer, Zong Haftawar Load Offer and more. Please find the details below:

Package Charges Incentives Validity Subscribe Unsubscribe
Zong Weekly SMS Bundle Rs. 17(Excl. tax) 1500 SMS to All Networks+200MB (For WhatsApp) 7 Days (250MB Valid for WhatsApp Only) Dial *702 Send Unsub to 700
Zong Hello 7 Day Bundle Rs. 45(Excl. tax) 100 On-net Mins+100 SMs/day for 1 Week 7 Days Subscribe Online *2200# > Select 5
Zong Unlimited Offer Weekly Rs. 63 (Excl. tax) Unlimited On-net Mins+150 SMS/day 7 Days Send “PK7” to 522 Send Unsub to 522
Zong Shandaar Weekly Package Rs. 90(Excl. tax) 500 On-net Mins+40 Off-net Mins + 500 SMS to All Networks+500MB 7 Days Dial *7# Send Unsub to 7091
Zong All-In-1 Weekly Bundle Rs. 150(Excl. tax) 700On-net Mins+40 Off-net Mins + 700 SMS All Networks, 700MB 7 Days Dial *6464# > 4 > 1 SMS Unsub Weekly150 to 6464
Zong Haftawar Load Offer Rs. 250 (Incl. Tax) 1500 On-net+100 Off-net Mins, 1500 SMS All Networks+1.5GB Internet 7 Days Dial *70# SMS Unsub weekly250 to 6464

3. Zong 15 Days SMS Package:

Besides Daily, Weekly and Monthly SMS Packages, Zong also offers 15 Days SMS Packages which includes Zong 15 days SMS bundle and Zong Voice Bundle 100. Please check the details below:

Package Price Incentives Validity Subscribe Unsubscribe
Zong 15 Day SMS Package Rs. 50 500 SMS 15 Days SMS Sub to 700 SMS Unsub to 700
Zong Voice Bundle 100 Rs. 100 80 Off-net Mins+100 SMS 15 Days Subscribe Online Call 310

4. Zong SMS Packages Monthly 2019:

Zong has introduced various Monthly SMS Packages with which Zong users can not only avail FREE SMS bundles but also they can enjoy FREE On-net Minutes, Off-net Minutes and FREE Internet MBs. These Packages includes Zong All-In-1 Monthly Offer, Zong Supreme Offer, Zong Supreme Plus Offer, Zong Monthly Power Pack 500, Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000 and more.

Package Price Incentives Validity Subscribe Unsubscribe
Zong Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Package Rs. 50 (Excl. tax) 500 SMS All Networks+30 MB (Per day for 30 days) 30 Days Dial *705# Send Unsub to 700
Zong Hello Monthly Bundle Rs. 170 Daily 100 Zong Mins+100 SMS All Networks + 1MB Data for 30 days 30 Days Subscribe Online Call 310
Zong Shandaar Monthly Package Rs. 300(Excl. tax) 1000 On-net Mins+100 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS All Networks+1GB 30 Days *1000# Send unsub Mahana to 7091
Zong ALL-IN-1 (Monthly)Package Rs. 500 (Incl. Tax) 2000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+2000 SMS All Networks+2GB+ 2048 MB for WhatsApp 30 Days Dial *6464#>4>2 Send Unsub Monthly500 to 6464
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500 Rs. 500 (Incl. Tax) 1000 On-net Mins+50 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS All Networks+2.5 GB 30 Days Dial *1313#*102# for (Available Resources)
Zong Supreme Offer Rs. 800 (Incl. Tax) 4000 On-net Mins+300 Off-net Mins+4000 SMS+4000 MB 30 Days *3030# Send Unsub 750 to 6464
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000 Rs. 1000 (Incl. tax) 2000 On-net Mins+150 Off-net Mins+1500 SMS All Networks+5GB 30 Days *1313#
Zong Supreme Plus Offer Rs. 1300 (Incl. Tax) 10,000 On-net Mins+600 Off-net Mins+10000 SMS+10000 MB Internet 30 Days *1500# Send Unsub spo to 6464
Zong Unlimited Monthly Offer Rs. 255 Unlimited Zong to Zong Minutes 30 Days Send PK30 to 522 Send Unsub to 522
  • To buy Zong Power Pack SIM, visit your Nearest CSC / Franchise or Retailer.
  • For Zong Supreme Plus Offer – Out of bundle rate is Re. 1 / MB & will be charged as per the Package expiry.

5. Zong 3 Months SMS Package:

Besides Zong Monthly SMS Packages, the company has also introduced a 3 Months SMS Package with which customers can enjoy exciting incentives for 3 whole months, please find the details below:

Package Price Incentives Validity Subscribe
Zong 3 Months Power Pack 1500 Rs. 1500 (Incl. tax) 8000 On-net Mins+200 Off-net Mins+300 SMS All Networks+8GB 3 Months *1313#Check Remaining *102#

6. Zong Postpaid SMS Packages 2019:

Zong has specially designed Postpaid SMS Bundles for Postpaid Subscribers. Hence, along with these packages customers can also enjoy free incentives just like Prepaid SMS Packages. Zong Postpaid Packages 2019 includes Z3000, Z1500, Z900. Z500 and Z300. The best suitable package out of these packages for an average use is Zong z500. Please find the details below:

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages Monthly Line Rent (Rs) Minimum Security Deposit (Rs.) Incentives
Zong z300 Postpaid Package Rs. 300 Rs. 1000 1000 MB+500 On-net Mins+100 Off-net Mins+500 SMS
Zong Postpaid Packages z500 Rs. 365 Rs. 1000 2000 MB+1500 On-net Mins+250 Off-net Mins+1000 SMS
Zong z900 Postpaid Package Rs. 657 Rs. 2000 4000 MB+Unlimited On-net Mins+500 Off-net Mins+2000 SMS
Zong z1500 Postpaid Package Rs. 1,095 Rs. 3000 8000 MB+Unlimited On-net Minutes+800 Off-net Mins+4000 SMS
Zong z3000 Postpaid Package Rs. 2,190 Rs. 5000 25,600MB+Unlimited On-net Mins+1200 Off-net Mins+5000 SMS

Terms & Conditions:

  • New subscription/migration will not be available into Z300 ,however those who already use z300 will continue to use
  • Dial Zong customer care center 310 for activation and further information
  • To know your current monthly limit SMS “CL” to 567
  • To know about your current package FREE Minutes, SMS and Mobile Internet SMS “BL” to 567
  • Two billing cycles of the month are currently available From 1st to 30th / 31st or 16th to 15th, line rent on full will be charged for the first month.
  • Email Subscription Procedure: Free bill can be received by simply sending EBSUB along with complete email address to 3100. In case if you want to change your email then send SMS “EACNew Email Address” to 3100.
  • Unsubscribe your Email: Send EBUN to 3100 to unsubscribe.
  • For more information, please dial Zong Postpaid helpline 310

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About Zong:

Zong or China Mobile Pakistan is a Pakistan mobile network operator and is headquartered in Islamabad which offers data and voice services ranging from prepaid and postpaid plans. The company was founded in 2008. Find complete details related to Zong SMS Packages as Zong offers a diversified range of Zong SMS Packages & Offers so the users can choose one according to their need and affordability.

Zong login:

Zong Helpline: Dial 310 from your Zong Number OR Dial 111-222-111 from any landline or mobile number with area code for assistance.

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