Frequently Asked Questions

What classified categories do you offer?

Since is all about devices so the categories we offer are as followed e.g. Cell phones, Laptops, Tablets, Cameras, Accessories and other related gadgets.


Can I post free Ads?

Yes, the Ads are absolutely free to post. However the number of running Ads (per user) are limited to 5 but you can always delete your old Ads in order to post Fresh Ads. This is to avoid Spamming and duplicity of content.


How I can make my Ad stand out or make it Feature?

For retailers and urgent Ads, we offer paid services to make your Ad feature on our Home. This is a great way to attract more buyers and urgent sell. You can contact us for further assistance.


Can I re-post my existing Ad?

Yes, If your device remains unsold within the given time slot then you can go to edit your Ad and just increase the ending date of your classified.


How I can view/Edit/Delete my Ad?

We have provided the user friendly dashboard to classified publishers, which you can access easily by signing in. All of your Ads will be available there in a form of List, so you can Edit/Delete/View/Republish them with just one click.


What kind of Ads attract more buyers?

If you post Images of your product along with your Ad then you are definitely going to attract more buyers than usual Text-Only Ads. It’s better to post images in your Ad as well. We support all famous image categories. Moreover, a well written Ad is one obvious thing that sellers should consider as their first condition.


What is the checklist every classified Ad should take care of?

  • Your contact details should be clear to the buyer and if you can not answer phone calls in certain hours then make sure that you have stated the appropriate time frame in your Ad. ( call after 7pm, leave a message, etc.)
  • Price  Always ask realistic price for your device and if it is negotiable then it's helpful to mention it in your Ad.
  • Make Call to Action : End up your Ad with something like ( This week Only, 24 Hours deal )
  • Description: don't forget to write a description for your Ad as it would help the buyer to understand your product in detail.
  • Made and Model Name
  • Service or Warranty If your product has any warranty left then you should must state this in your Ad.
  • Image Its always helpful to boost your Ad with real images of your device.

How I can avoid any Scam or Fraud on classifieds ?

We receive number of classified Ads everyday and we try to make sure that only genuine Ads get posted but yet there are chances of Scams as this is the usual phenomena of every classified portal. We have narrow down some of the key elements and by considering them all you can avoid such scams most probably so we request you to read them carefully

  • Contact Phone number is wrong.
  • Buyer or seller explains that they are currently out of the country.
  • Buyer offers to pay with a money order or cashier’s check for significantly more than the asking price.
  • Seller ask for very less price.
  • Buyer offers much more price to buy the product which sounds unrealistic.