Now Pay Your Bills through Your JazzCash Account to enjoy Rs. 150 Cashback

  • Updated On: December 10, 2018
Jazzcash Brings CashBack Offer

JazzCash brings yet another exciting offer for its customers. Enjoy Rs. 150 Cashback on paying your bills using JazzCash App. JazzCash has partnered with PTCL, Qubee, Nayatel, WorldCall, Wi-Tribe and Wateen to offer exciting cashback discounts to its customers. So, if you use any of the aforementioned Internet Providers Services then you can definitely save upto Rs. 150/- on paying your bills via any of the below mentioned JazzCash Payment Options.


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How to Pay Bills through JazzCash:

JazzCash offers 3 different ways with which customers can easily pay their bills. These three methods includes:

  1. Pay your Bills through JazzCash Mobile Account
  2. Pay your Bills through JazzCash App
  3. Pay your Bills via JazzCash Retailer Shop
  4. Locate your nearest JazzCash Retailer Shop now

Customers can pay following Internet Service Providers Bills via JazzCash Payment Options:

  1. PTCL
  2. Nayatel
  3. WorldCall
  4. Wateen
  5. Wi-Tribe
  6. Qubee

Please find complete details on how to pay your bills with these 3 easiest methods in the step-by-step guide given below.  

1. JazzCash Mobile Account Payment Method:

If you want to pay your bills through JazzCash Mobile Account, then follow the steps given below:

  1. Dial *786#
  2. Select Pay Bills
  3. Click on Internet Button
  4. Choose relevant internet service provider i.e. PTCL, Nayatel or more
  5. Enter Consumer number
  6. Total Payable amount will be displayed on the screen
  7. Select payment option out of these two: Partial Payment or Full Payment
  8. Enter amount which needs to be paid
  9. MPIN popup will be displayed
  10. After successful authentication, you will receive Confirmation
JAazz cash confirmation 

2. JazzCash App Payment Method:

If you want to pay your bills through JazzCash App then you will need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Sign in to JazzCash App
  2. Select Pay Bills from Menu
  3. Choose Internet from Top bar
  4. Select your relevant internet service provider
  5. Enter Consumer Number
  6. Enter Amount to be paid
  7. MPIN popup will appear
  8. After authentication, you will receive Confirmation message that the transaction is successful  
JAazz cash confirmation 

3. JazzCash Retailer Payment Option:

  1. Go to nearest JazzCash Service Retailer Shop
  2. Provider your bill number, phone number and bill amount to the retailer
  3. Retailer will pay the bill on his JazzCash device instantly
  4. You will receive a Confirmation message that the transaction was successful

4. How to locate nearest JazzCash Shop:

  • Customers can easily locate their nearest JazzCash retailer shop by sending “M” to 2179
  • Customers can avail JazzCash Bill Payment service for absolutely free as there are no extra or hidden charges applicable on bill amount
JAazz cash Shop Locator 

For further details or to resolve any issue please call JazzCash helpline 4444 (From your Jazz number) or you can also dial JazzCash Retailer helpline 1344 (From your Jazz number) or you can simply dial JazzCash helpline UAN with Area Code 111-124-444 For JazzCash Online help please visit JazzCash Login here

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