Cerberus v3.5 adds ‘fake shutdown’ option to fool phone Snatchers / Thieves

  • Published On: August 28, 2017
Cerberus v3.5 adds ‘fake shutdown’ option to fool phone Snatchers / Thieves

Cerberus Anti-Theft by LSDroid is an app that can help you protect your misplaced, stolen or lost Android Device. It doesn’t only contain the ‘find my phone’ feature, in fact there are so many unique features included in the app that make it a perfect application to locate your tablet or phone, identify the thief or get back your gadget.

How it works:

Cerberus has three (03) unique ways to protect your phone or tablet, These are the three ‘heads’ of Cerberus:


  1. Automatic Alerts
  2. Remote Control via SMS from another phone
  3. Remote Control through the website https://www.cerberusapp.com


You can install the app and try it for free for One Week and then you can buy a license for your account from Web Dashboard or within the app.

Download the App from Playstore

Remote Control:

Remote control feature basically allows you to perform several operations on your lost or even stolen devices, see how:


  • You can locate and track your device
  • You can ‘lock’ the device with a Code or start a loud alarm even if the device is on silent mode.
  • Take screenshots, pictures and even record videos in order to identify the thief or snatcher.
  • You can also get the complete location history to check where the device has been in the past.
  • You can also wipe the internal memory or SD Card data and record audio through microphone.
  • Get complete info about cell phone network or WIFI network and nearby WIFI networks.
  • You can also start a remote shell (SSH-like) in order to execute commands and much more!

Auto Alerts:

The app can automatically perform operations when some conditions are met i.e. it will send email / SMS alerts if the SIM card is changed plus Auto-Task, Geofencing and Intruder Selfie are also included.

Cerberus ‘Fake Shutdown’ feature:

Every Android/iPhone Device has a built-in feature to send out its current location in the events it’s lost or maybe stolen. Now this has led some cell phone snatchers/thieves to immediately switch off devices. At this point, Cerberus is their to help you using a “fake shutdown” message.


If the feature is enabled in the Settings, the app intercepts a long press of the power button while the Lock screen is active. In that case, the Snatcher / Thief sees a convincing fake “Power Off” button which is actually produced by Cerberus instead of the system dialog. This way, the device will do a “fake shutdown” routine – the screen will remain asleep for 30 secs to 1 minute and the best part is even pressing the power button would not wake the device up again right away.


This way, the device is still alive and relaying GPS data to the owner of the device. Meanwhile all the other Cerberus App’s unique features should be available as well. Hope this article was helpful. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any unique yet ground-breaking app in mind that you want us to add in our next ‘Interesting Apps Roundup Session’. Stay connected for more news, reviews and updates. 

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