Overseas Pakistanis may bring more than 1 ‘Duty FREE Phone’ in Future

  • Published On: December 17, 2018
Duty FREE Phones in Pakistan

As we already updated you about the latest news that the Government Of Pakistan has confirmed that all Pakistanis or Overseas Passengers cannot carry more than 1 mobile device free of customs duties as they can only bring one phone free of duty in a year while visiting Pakistan.

After the implementation, the Government is facing extreme criticism over this policy. According to latest reports, the Government is considering to revise this newly-implemented policy and may allow the passengers (Overseas/Pakistanis) to at least carry 2 duty free phones along with them.


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Mr. Syed Zulfiqar Hussain Bukhari aka Zulfi Bukhari shared some details related to this issue, in a recent tweet. According to him, the Government received negative feedback about this new policy and is now re-considering to revise the policy which will enable passengers to at least bring in 2 mobile phones along with them while visiting Pakistan.

He also stated that the Government might give a relief in this policy soon for the overseas Pakistanis as well as passengers. He also added, that he has personally requested, Mr. Hammad Azhar (Minister Of State for Revenue) to decrease the taxes and to allow at least 2 duty-free phones/devices instead of one only. Here is the tweet;


Mr. Zulfi Bukhari also added;

With devices worth Rs. 110 Billion smuggled annually mainly via the Airports, this measure will help broaden tax net & encourage local mobile manufacturers

Keep your fingers crossed and see if the Government will revise the policy or not. If the policy is revised, it will surely facilitate people living abroad or visiting Pakistan by permitting them to carry at least 2 duty-free phones while coming to Pakistan.


Please share your thoughts and let us know, what do you think about the revision in the policy. Should it be taken in consideration or not ? by simply commenting below. Please send in your queries at info@cells.pk stay tuned!  

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