Google Assistant will soon help users find local professionals exactly what they need

  • Published On: December 05, 2017
Google Assistant will soon help users find local professionals exactly what they need

What about if you have some sort of issue with your house (whether you need a plumber, carpenter, electrician or any other professional) chances are that you will immediately try to find them on Google in case if you don’t have the one in your contacts list.

With this very helpful yet newly added feature to Google Assistant, the company has made it really easier to find out who you should call. Now let’s see how it works. A request via Google Assistant App for the required professional (for instance; plumber) will soon return a list of issues you may be facing such as unclogging a drain or installing a garbage disposal etc.

The user will need to select/choose one of the problems that the list shows afterwards Google will confirm the address (where exactly the user wants the professional to come). In the next step, the app will ask user to choose to either have an eligible plumber call him or her or to have a list generated of professionals in the area.

This way soon hopefully the user will have a plumber on his way. This feature will probably be rolling-out “over the coming week”. However, the Assistant will suggest services that have been prescreened by Google in selected cities just to make sure that you are getting a qualified professional.

In our opinion, if the idea works properly and according to plan, it will definitely make homeowners lives a lot easier and hassle-free. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know how do you feel about this new service offered by Google to make its users’ lives much easier.

You can also send your emails to for suggestions, feedback and queries. That’s all for now, we will catch you soon with some more interesting news, reviews and updates!

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