Google finally adds voice recognition for Urdu

  • Published On: August 16, 2017
Google finally adds voice recognition for Urdu

Google finally has released ‘Voice Recognition’ feature for Urdu plus thirty (30) other languages. The newly launched feature is accessible through Gboard for Android. This way, the users now can look up for anything on Google while Speaking their mother tongue and get the accurate search results.

Plus it is very easy to get your work done while dictating as compared to typing hence if you get tired of continuously typing your text messages, here is the solution for your problem, you can simply dictate whatever you want to type and Gboard will translate your voice command into the written script of that particular language just like the newly added feature by Google to Gboard that converts Roman Urdu text to Urdu Script.

In order to get this voice recognition feature, you will need to have Gboard Application downloaded in your cell phone and set as your Default Keyboard as well.

Then you can follow these simple steps in order to activate the feature:

  1. While using the application (Gboard) tap and hold the Spacebar button and click on ‘Google Voice Typing’.
  2. Tap on ‘Settings’ icon and go to ‘Languages’
  3. In ‘Languages’, de-activate ‘English to make Urdu (Pakistan)’ your primary method of input and select ‘Google Voice Typing’
  4. Afterwards, just speak away and get ready to check the magic as Gboard will convert your voice to Urdu Script Text.

Not only this, but the best thing is that the users can also use voice recognition to add emojis. For example; if we say ‘smiley face emoji’ or ‘sad emoji’ the said emoji will be there.

So basically the whole idea behind google’s this new and very helpful initiative is to celebrate and add different languages spoken in the world specifically from Asian and African region. That’s all for now, let’s look forward together to have something more and more interesting just like the one we have gone through in this article, coming our way all the way from Google.

Please keep us updated, in the comments section below about how you feel about these two newly yet most convenient added features by Google. Stay connected for more news, reviews and interesting updates.

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