Here is how Google makes personalized battery life predictions

  • Published On: November 27, 2017
Here is how Google makes personalized battery life predictions

Battery technology has not kept up with the advancement of other elements such as processors or displays. Most of the people still need to charge their gadgets almost every night or in some cases getting through a whole day needs a bit of planning ahead.

Keeping these issues in mind, Google has finally made this process a bit simpler with the introduction of smart battery stats feature that estimate your device’s remaining battery life based on ‘patterns’ in your cell phone usage.

The feature was already rolled-out last month, when Device Health Services – a system app was uploaded to the Play Store by Google. Recently a Project Manager at Google’s New York office has explained how smart battery life prediction stuff works.

So basically, Google was using simple assumptions to estimate battery life. For instance, if a user has used 20% of the battery in first hour of usage, it would then assume that the user will use 20% every hour.

Now with the new upgrade, Google is now tweaking this process with a bit of machine learning. What it actually does now is it builds a model of user’s past usage and then uses it to predict user’s future usage or consumption of the battery.

In short, it observes user’s usage patterns on similar times and days to determine how much battery he/she will be using for the rest of the day. For example, if a user always watch YouTube or listen to music on the ride home, it now knows to estimate that and have the ability to adjust its estimated battery life accordingly.

On opening up the battery usage graph, users see the predicted battery life consumption for the rest of the time or day. The feature for now only works on the Pixel 2 and Nexus 6P devices running Android 8.1 DP. We must say that the company has taken a very good initiative to help out users to avoid running out of battery.

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