Google releases Allo’s Web Version for Android Users

  • Published On: August 21, 2017
Google releases Allo’s Web Version for Android Users

Well yes, Google Allo is getting a web version. Allo for Web was first announced back in February with a release expected around Google I/O 2017, but it’s ready to hit the screens a bit later.

As of now, only Android devices are supported on the web, with support for iphones coming later in 2017.

Google Allo is basically a smart messaging application that learns the user’s preference with time. The app contains an incognito mode as well, which is quite similar to private modes on other famous messaging services.

How to use Allo on Desktop:

First of all, the user will need to launch the mobile application as well as Allo on a browser. Then select ‘Allo for Web’ on the mobile application, followed by ‘Scan QR Code’. With the help of QR code that will be displayed in the browser, the user will be able to pair his/her device with Allo’s web version.

If you want to explore a whole new platform, you can download the app here

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