Files Go exits beta & Google Search Lite becomes ‘Google Go’

  • Published On: December 07, 2017
Files Go exits beta & Google Search Lite becomes ‘Google Go’

So basically, Google is spinning up the already announced ‘Go’ edition of Android, including a suite of applications in the Play Store. This advanced build of the operation system was announced back at Google I/O, whereas some test applications have popped up in the intervening months.

Now, finally Google has renamed ‘Search Lite’ to Google Go which matches Files Go that is out of beta now.

What is Google Go:

Google Go is a low-data alternative to the original rather regular Google app. The last release of the application was v0.5 but the brand-new name comes with a jump to v1.0. So actually what it does is it lets the user search Google but it’s tuned for conditions where cell phone data might not be available cheaply as well as consistently.

The app also allow users to:

  • Save Pages Offline
  • Load ‘Lite’ versions of Pages
  • Get notifications when search results are ready

Now lets jump to the Files Go section, you can read everything you want to know about Google Files Go in our previous article here, App Review: What is Google Files go and who is it made for? Complete Details

So the Files Go app as mentioned above that we spotted a few weeks back has also been updated and is no longer in beta phase with a whole new icon. Speaking of the File Go, we would like to add that it isn’t a full-fledged file explorer as it’s adept at helping free up storage-space as the app is best for devices / phones with limited storage-space, like the ones that are expected to run Android Go. But it doesn’t mean that it’s only for users that have devices running Android Go or have limited storage-space. In fact, anyone can download it from the Play Store.

Both of the apps discussed above are live in the Play Store, but Google Go is still geo-limited. You can download the apps by following the links given below:

Google Go: A fast, easy, fun way to search

Developer: Google LLC

Requires Android: 4.3 and up

Price: Free

Files Go by Google: Free up space on your phone

Developer: Google LLC

Requires Android: 5.0 and up

Price: Free

So that was all about Google Go and Files Go. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know about your experience with these apps or if you found them interesting as well as helpful. You can also write to us at for any queries, suggestions and feedback. Stay tuned for more interesting news, reviews and updates.

Happy Go!

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