How to Verify your Mobile phone IMEI status through App, SMS or Website (Step by Step)

  • Published On: October 13, 2018
IMEI Verification through App, SMS & Website

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) will start blocking non-compliant devices from 20th October 2018. This system will surely help to decrease illegal and smuggled device imports and will also be helpful for the betterment of the overall security situation in the country.

Any mobile phone that is purchased or imported after 20th October 2018, will require PTA Certificate of Compliance also known as COC. As a public service message to aware all mobile phone users in Pakistan, PTA is sending text messages with which users can check their mobile device status.


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Mobile phone subscribers can verify the status of their mobile devices by sending their 15 digit device IMEI number to 8484 (without dashes or any other characters) or you can also log onto DIRBS or install DIRBS App.


Details of Responses that you may receive:

  1. IMEI is Compliant This means that your device is approved by PTA or legally imported in Pakistan.
  2. IMEI is Non-Compliant This means that your device is not allocated by GSMA or it could be duplicate. To facilitate customers, PTA DIRBS will auto-pair this type of devices that are witnessed on the cellular network with specified SIMs latest by October 20th, 2018. Afterwards, users will be able to use this IMEI with paired SIMs. However, users are requested to perform revenue generating activity (make a phone call, send SMS or use Internet) latest by 20th October 2018.
  3. IMEI is Valid: This means that your device is valid and is approved by GSMA, however, it’s not yet compliant with PTA. To solve this issue, PTA will auto-register this type of IMEI devices that are witnessed on the cellular network before 20th October 2018, mobile phone users are advised to generate revenue i.e. make a phone call, send SMS or use mobile internet before 20th October 2018.
  4. Blocked IMEI: This means that the device IMEI is blocked and was reported as stolen.

We would suggest our readers to purchase only PTA compliant devices from now onwards to stay away from illegal and smuggled devices issues. For further assistance please visit Stay connected for more updates!  

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