How to take better photos with your iPhone: Experts Reveal

  • Published On: January 01, 2018
How to take better photos with your iPhone: Experts Reveal

So basically, during a photo walk around London, Apple camera app experts have recently shared some very useful tips and tricks aswell and camera features you may not know. These tips and tricks will work on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 with the standard camera application.

The features that we are going to share with you today are the ones that Apple itself’s keen to teach the owners of its gadgets. But before starting lets just find out what is Apple Photo Walk and Who is it for ?

Apple Photo Walk:

  1. A neighbourhood walk near an Apple Store led by an Apple Camera Expert, showing you how to get the best out of your iPhone’s Camera.
  2. Apple photo walk is actually for those who wants to enhance their iPhone or iPad photography skills.
  3. The whole Apple Photo Walk session is about 90 minutes.
  4. Now the next question that will pop up in your mind would be something like this; How often are they ?Generally Weekly from key Apple Stores.
  5. Hey, it’s completely free.
  6. To join Apple Photo Walk you can sign up here online or in store.

Now Lets explore the Tips & Tricks:


1. Expose Yourself:

expose yourselfWith this feature, you can simply change the lightning of your shot on iPhone. It’s simply great for brightening up shots with darker areas. All you have to do is:

  • Tap on Focus
  • Slide your finger ‘UP’ to brighten the image
  • Slide your finger ‘DOWN’ to darken the image

With Expose Yourself feature, you can easily adjust the exposure of your shots by sliding up and down the display.


2. Lock Focus:

lock-the-frameOn number two, we have Lock Focus. Have you ever got up close to an object and tapped to focus and only then you move the camera and lose that focus? Or Auto-Face recognition keeps focusing on a person rather than another object in the shot?

Well read it thoroughly to find out the solution:

  • Press a finger on the object that you want your iPhone Camera to focus
  • This will lock the focus, giving you the freedom of arm movement without having to tap again.
  • To confirm the Lock focus, you will be prompted with a message, something like this ‘AE/AF Lock’ which will appear on your screen. Very simple yet effective.
  • For best focused result ‘Tap and hold’ on an object to lock focus.

3. Panoramic like a Pro:

We all know about Panoramic shots or modes as they have been on our Cell phones for years and really help us capturing sweeping vistas. But the question is have you ever tried anything other than the left to right sweep on your device?

Speaking of the Panoramic shots, we would like to tell you that you don’t always have to take your panorama from right to left as a tap of the directional arrow can reverse the sweep also, which will allow you to start from the right of your scene.

Moreover, try holding your device landscape for:

  • Slightly bulbous results
  • For capturing skyscrapers or narrow alleys for striking,.

4. Blurred Lights Effect:

blurred-photoGone were the days when using blurred light effects to make your pictures more interesting was a huge task. Have you ever seen pictures where lights are blurred out? It’s basically an effect usually reserved for higher-end cameras.

Thanks to our smartphone snappers as they are super smart. Now you can easily get the same effects with your iPhone also. See how:

  • First of all, you’ll need to lock the focus (See Lock the Focus section) on an object close to the lens and in-front of your light scene. You can use your hand for this.
  • With the focus locked, now remove your hand from view and that’s it. Your BG (background) is now blurred.

5. Be Smart at Burst:   

BurstThe iPhone has the ability to snap ten (10) pictures per second with burst-mode, but you may notice from the mode-slider in the application that it’s not an option. It’s because burst-mode is always available in Square or Photo Modes.

  • All you have to do is to hold-down on the shutter button instead of tap it.
  • Afterwards, a counter will appear above to show you how many pictures you have bagged – 100 can be taken in burst-mode.
  • But that’s not the end of the burst-mode story. Go to ‘Gallery’ and hit ‘Select’ to view all the shots you have snapped. They will be displayed in a timeline of Thumbnails at the bottom section of your device’s screen with iOS picking what it believes is the excellent shot based on these three things, exposure, focus and machine learning.
  • In next step, you will see multiple grey circle icon dots if the software thinks there are several decent images available, the best shots will be denoted by a grey circle icon below the thumbnail in the timeline section.
  • If you have an iPhone 7/7 Plus or later, you will feel a vibration effect everytime you scroll past a best shot in the burst timeline.
  • From there finally, you will be able to ‘Select’ which shots to select or keep and which ones to delete. This way you will not be using up unnecessary storage as well.

6. Live Photos:

live-photosAs we all know that Live Photos have been around since iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, so what it actually does is; captures a short snippet of video with each photo you take. Now with the release of iOS 11, Apple has ultimately added some more interesting features and functionalities to its Live Photos stuff, see how:

  • Open Gallery, swipe up over a picture to explore more Live Photo options.
  • Now you can select (according to what you like) four (04) different animations for your Live Photo.
  • The default Live feature plays the captured video clip normally, whereas loop will see the movement constantly repeated.
  • Not just that, but there’s also Long and Bounce Exposure, with the former establishing a back and forth animation from the video clip, while the latter provides you striking shots that works perfectly well with moving traffic as well as water.

7. Slick Slow-mo Art:

So basically if you have any of these device (iPhone SE iPhone 6SiPhone 6S Plus, or any of the iPad Pro tablets) you will know that you have access to Apple’s slow motion video mode.

Now definitely, if you have access to the aforementioned option then you will surely want to time your shot just right for instance, Focus and Exposure controls.

In the Slow-mo Art functionality, we are actually going to tell you how to time the slow motion portion of your video right.

  • Go to Gallery, hit the edit button below your video.
  • From here you can use timeline bar for the adjustment as if how much of the video you want to slow down.

What to do ? If I have accidently entered the Slo-mo mode rather than normal video mode?

Not to worry as the answer is here:

  • Pull the Slow-motion section together completely.
  • If you want it to return; Drag sideways from the line in the timeline to split it out again.

8. Figure Out the Filters:

So basically all of us have already played around with the image filters available in our cell phone camera app. But in this section we are going to tell you how to:

  • Compare the filters against standard
  • Non-filter look or quite natural

First of all

  • Hold down a filter that you like
  • Slide your finger from side to side to switch between your filter of choice and normal view.

Hey! that’s not all, as you can also apply filters after taking a picture, See how:

  • Tap ‘Edit’ below the photo you have taken
  • Hit ‘Filter’ icon located at the bottom of your screen
  • From here you can apply same filters that are also available in the camera app.

9. Turn off Live Photos (Before or After):

This feature is automatically or by default ‘turned on’ on supporting devices, but you can easily turn-it-off by simply following the steps given below:

  • Tap Circle icon in the top bar of the Camera app, this will stop the effects being applied to shots.

However, you can also turn-off Live Photos after taking a shot or if you’ve already snapped a picture:

  • Look for the picture in your Gallery
  • Hit edit button
  • Tap Live Photos icon at the top of the display
  • If the photo your are left with is not quite right, you can use timeline below the photo to scroll to the point of the video you want to capture. Holding on this section of the timeline will show ‘Make Key Photo’ pop up, which will then change still image to that frame.

10. Perfect Photo lighting:

portrait lightIf you have an iPhone with Dual rear-facing camera for example, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X then you will definitely be able to use Apple’s Portrait mode.

How it Works: Portrait mode basically offers a variety of various lighting effects, allows you to create more striking shots. It also see the background behind your subject blurred likewise a DSLR and provides a professional shot.

Hey, don’t get confused to decide which lighting effect to use, See how:

  • Tap ‘edit’ below the image
  • You will be greeted with the same lighting options, this will allow you to quickly revert the previous effect or choose one you like.

So, that was all about how to take better photos with your iPhone revealed by the Experts. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below if you found your photography skills enhanced after going through it. 
You can also write to us at for suggestions, queries and feedback. Stay connected for more interesting news, reviews and updates.

Happy Shooting :)
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