What is Drone Phone and how it works: Meet LG Uplus

  • Published On: December 28, 2017
What is Drone Phone and how it works: Meet LG Uplus

So how about taking Selfies with a phone that can actually be your ‘partner in-crime’ when it comes specifically to Selfies without any support? that can actually move in air or around you, that could actually be able to take your Selfies without letting you stretch your arm or hands.

Well, now that’s all possible with LG U+ drone phone as the company has announced its new project (2 in 1 drone phone).

What is a Drone Phone and how it works:

A drone phone is basically a remarkable device that can sway in air without using any support. Drone phones allow users to take Selfies freely without worrying of stretching their arms in uncomfortable positions, all the Selfie lovers can now take selfies, take video calls, do swimming, cliff jumping, paragliding and what not. The drone phone can accompany them everywhere.

As the company’s slogan suggests Life’s Good – LG always try to provide its users with the best of everything whether they are appliances or gadgets. Now this time, the company has come up with an idea to provide their users with something unique yet very convenient.

Yes, we are talking about as mentioned earlier company’s drone-phone project. The company has planned to leverage an upcoming device called LG U+ with sensor, processor and wireless capability all at one place and as a result what you get is a powerful cloud connected aerial vehicle.

With the help of drone-phone, there would be no angle that you can not capture, but there’s one question that comes to everyone’s mind of sending this precious smartphone up into the air ? Would it be safe ? Well, don’t worry as the company has tried its best to develop several device safety features which will intelligently protect your drone-phone in any unexpected situation or event.

According to reports, the device will be able to drift at 360 degrees just to make sure that you take perfect selfies, it will also be equipped with the attribute of Self-Charging with a 5000cd high-intensity flashlight. The company (LG) has named this project 505 – LG U+ .

Unique Features of LG U+

Here’s a list of some unique yet awesome features / modes that the LG U+ will surely have:

  • Flying Facetime Mode
  • 360 Extreme Mode
  • Top Surround Mode
  • Night Safety Mode
  • Self Charge Mode


Moreover, apart from aforementioned features, here is a short preview of what else the device will have. It will have safety features which includes shock resistance, water resistance, Low battery auto-land safety feature will probably bring your phone back to the ground, easy to use, compact, capture pictures or video straight, forward, down or to the sides and many more!

So basically, the device under discussion is yet to be launched. In our opinion, this initiative by LG will surely be helpful in bringing huge advancement in the field of technology if it works properly or as per the claim. So keep visiting us as we will update you more on this as soon as we receive any update regarding detailed specs and features, price and availability of the device.

So that was all about drone phones, how they work & expected features of upcoming (LG U+). Let us know in the comments section below if you found this article helpful or what other features you want LG to add in LG U+ device to make it more reliable. You can also write to us at info@cells.pkfor suggestions, queries and feedback. Stay connected for more news, reviews and updates!


The information given in this Article is much like rumors as nothing is certain until it’s officially announced or released. Moreover, the features discussed above are probably not live yet, or may only be live for a small amount of users. It’s possible that the guesses made here are incorrect. Still if predictions are correct, there are chances that plans could change or maybe cancelled entirely. 
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