27 ways to increase your mobile phone battery time and avoid fast battery drainage

  • Published On: January 03, 2018
27 ways to increase your mobile phone battery time and avoid fast battery drainage

The use of smartphone in everyday life has become so habituall that we can’t even trackback that how many times a person use his/her phone on a daily basis but some recent researches held in UK reveals that a normal teenage checks his phone about 85 times in a day which is equivalent to 5 hours almost. So what gets more affected with this behaviour of modern day life?

Yes, there’s a wide open debate on this subject but we are talking about the Phone’s battery life which gets killed sooner then accepted. And apart from this there could be times when you would wish if your battery could stay up few more minutes whether you were about to book a ride or send a message.

You have a daily long commute? Or you are just on vacations far away from home where charging facilities are not available and you have to take some stunning selfies or let the loved ones know of your being well. If you fits well in the situation then you are at the right place as we will cover almost all possible tips and tricks to increase your phone’s battery life.

Let’s explain the different types of mobile phone batteries first and how they are different from each other:


1 – Lithium Ion or Li-ion battery

Lithium Ion are technologically advanced batteries which tend to charge fast with high capacity considering their size and weight. Most latest smartphone nowadays use this kind of batteries and are not compatible with older mobile phones and secondly these types of batteries are not “Memory effect” which means that they won’t lose their capacity even if are not discharged fully before charging as so many people have the habit of charging their phones for shorter charger cycle.


2 – lithium polymer or li-poly battery

Just like Li-ion, these Li-poly batteries are also technologically advanced and are better in some manners like they have a flexible, foil-type (polymer laminate) case, so they are relatively unconstrained and manufacturers can produce different kind of shapes considering the requirement and available space in the mobile phone.


3 – Nickel Cadmium

These type of batteries were used in early days but presently mobile phone manufactures avoid using them because they are “Memory Effect” so it means that this should be completely discharged before connecting charger or otherwise it will shorten the lifespan of battery and secondly the material used in these batteries are toxic so this way its most important to dispose them off carefully.


4 – Nickel Metal Hydride

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are better than Nickel cadmium in so many aspects like the material used in their manufacturing is not toxic and also they are memory effect but to very lesser degree as compare to the earlier mention type.


Now let’s explore all the possible methods to avoid fast battery drainage and improve the battery timespan in the phone: Click on the titles below to directly jump to the section. Or simply scroll through the all ????


1 – Use the charger that came with your device

mobile phone chargerYou must have number of chargers at your workplace or at home which apparently works fine but It’s always recommended for so many obvious reasons that you use the original charger to power up your phone First: it will be plugged firmly into your gadget because loose fits can often result auto connect/disconnect which will result in heat up the phone. Secondly there could be a difference of recommended  Voltage and Amperage for your phone charger and the one you are using.


2 – Keep it cool

keep your phone coolWhat is the single most common reason of fast battery drainage? It is when our phones get heat up and there could be several reasons associated to this like you might be using some resource intensive application , your charger is not fitting well to the phone or there’s some hardware issue but whenever you feel that your phone is getting heated up than usual then it’s time to digg it out and find the reason


3 – Don’t force drain the battery before charging

low batteryOne simple rule for charging your phone is that you don’t necessarily need to drain it fully before plugged in the charger so from 0% to 100% or vice versa is not needed. Only charge your phone when it’s needed. Short span of charging won’t hurt your phone if its using modern day battery types.


4 – Choose settings that use less battery

mobile phone battery settingsWhenever your phone performs an action it eats a chunk out of the battery percentage. So you can avoid so many unnecessary tasks that your phone has to perform whether it’s the blinking notification light or auto sync of unused apps. We’ll cover each of them in detail below.


5 – Let your screen sleep when inactive

screen sleepIsn’t it useless to let the screen on when you are not using it. Yes it is absolutely but the good thing is that you can always set the time duration to let your phone screen off. For this you need to go to your

settings -> Display -> Sleep
I personally recommend 15 seconds or 30 seconds


6 – Reduce screen brightness

mobilephone screen brightnessOne major cause of fast battery drainage is the high brightness of your screen. If you are not watching some high definition video on your phone then you don’t have to keep high brightness all the time. You can manually adjust the level of brightness or simply use auto adjust. I would recommend to set the level manually depends on your use. Like if you stay outdoor for long times then you definitely need auto settings or some high brightness so you can read your screen otherwise set to the two contrast always


7 – Turn off live wallpapers

live wallpapersWe all love bliss full live wallpapers but at the cost of some swift battery usage. So if you really need some extended time of battery then set some solid colors wallpapers or images from your gallery.


8 – Turn off notification light

notification lightDo you have some blinking LED light at top of your phone whenever you receive a notification from any installed application. Some of them will be much needed but some push notifications can be ignored for sure whether they are promotional or some alerts. Because whenever you’ll receive them your LED light will start blinking until you see that notification.


9 – Turn off keyboard sound & vibration

keypad soundIt varies from person to person but i personally find it a kind of annoying that when if i type anything in my phone then it will beep and vibrate and it also drain battery if send so many emails from your phone or texts. So it’s better to turn them off. You can do this from

settings -> notifications

for all of them or simply go to apps to set notifications permission individually


10 – Delete unused accounts

off autoync accountsYou might have synced multiple accounts that are constantly auto syncing for new messages. So you need to track them all and find which of them are needed. Delete all unused or unnecessary accounts from

Settings -> accounts


11 – Avoid constant connection to wifi

switch off wifiYou are away from your trusted wifi connections and you don’t need to connect with any of available wifi but your phone will always be searching and listing for available connection nearby so it’s advised to just disable your wifi. This way you can save your battery for longer times.


12 – Turn off bluetooth

off blue-tooth Sometimes we transfer something over bluetooth with our friends and family but then just forget to turn off the bluetooth. So what would happen then? Your phone will constantly looking forward for available bluetooth connections so always turn off your bluetooth after sending data over it.


13 – Turn off location service

mobile phone locationIf you are not ordering a ride on any ride hailing app or performing search based on local results then it’s always recommended to turn off your location because if its updating regularly then definitely it’s going to consume some considerable amount of your phone battery.


14 – Apps tracking your Location

apps tracking locationIt could be the case that you have to enable your location to perform a certain task but there would be multiple apps tracking your location once you enable it and you don’t get any idea that how much battery consumed by them but luckily you can track in

settings -> Location

that which app is using more resources as it should be and you can manually set permissions in

settings -> Apps

15 – Use airplane mode

airplane modeEver wondered that what is this thing called “Airplane mode” or “Flight mode” doing in your phone and what purpose it serves? If not then let me explain:

It is basically designed to turn off multiple settings on your phone such as Wifi, Bluetooth, cellular data and other data related services. There could be some slight difference in “Airplane” mode features in different phones but the basic purpose is same which is to avoid any distortion in different equipments installed in airplanes. In addition to this it has some uses as well like if you are in low coverage area or you actually need to save your battery for longer time for any reason then simply turn on Airplane mode which you can do by simply sliding your settings down from top in your phone or going in settings of your phone.


16 – Turn off auto-sync for your Email Account

You might need to sync multiple email accounts in your phone. Some of them will be your primary mode of emailing and some of them will not be used as often so you can simply turn off auto-sync for your emails because each time your phone attempts to sync, it will consume some slight battery out of your phone.


17 – Turn off auto-sync for certain apps

Just like emails, there are certain apps in your phone that are continually syncing your account without a solid reason. Some messaging apps often tend to this along some location based apps so its highly advised to wisly grant permission to those apps. You can save much needed battery by turning down those auto-syncing requests from such apps.


18 – You’re using resource-intensive apps

resource intensive appsIf you are using some high-end apps like some HD Videos or VR games then more available resources are being used in your phone than usual and it will result the fast drainage of your battery. So if you are on the go and need to save your phone battery then avoid using these apps


19 – Check for system updates

System updateIf you have made all necessary checks and still your battery is being consumed earlier than expected and you have available system notification than you should give it a chance as there could be some glitch in your phone that could be cured by installing system update.


20 – Check for app updates

check for apps updateSometimes the real culprit behind fast battery drainage could be a malfunctioned app and there’s much possible chance that the developers of that app have already addressed it in their recent update don’t hesitate to update your apps to latest version as it would help to sought out any unseen reason behind battery consumption.


21 – Never manually close apps

manually close appsUntil now it would might be a myth for you that killing apps manually can help saving power for your phone but Apple and Google have debugged that rumor and made it clear that it’s has not direct correlation between the both, instead it can slow down your phone because it will affect the phone’s own power management algorithm. So only kill any app when its misbehaving or unresponsive.

22 – Turn off mobile data

mobile phone data connectionWhen communicating over internet using your mobile data package then battery would be consumed faster than usual so in a situation when you don’t need your mobile data and need more battery for some certain time is your first preference than you can switch off your mobile data


23 – Remove unnecessary widgets from the home screen

Is your phone’s home screen is over occupied with some live widgets for news updates, social updates or weather updates, if so is the case then it is obvious to lose your phone battery in a fast pace. You should only use those widgets which are important for your work or day to day task. Otherwise you can put them on break for better battery timing.


24 – Stop vibrating

Does your phone vibrate for incoming calls and messages?

What makes you realise that your phone is beeping?

Is it a vibration or ringtone?

If it’s a ringtone then you don’t need to bother your phone for vibrating  as its only will consume more battery.


25 – Charge between 40% and 80%

Ever thought that what is the ideal percentage of your phone’s battery when you should plugin the charger? Its 40% to 80% by the way as a rule of thumb because if you drain your battery to full than with the passage of time its charging capability can be compromised, but you can still charge your phone for short periods of time as well if you are waiting on subway or city terminal


26 – let your battery die occasionally

According to the battery university, full drainage of your battery once in every three months can actually help to boost and maintain your phones charging capacity.


27 – Restart your device or factory reset

I remember that once i plugged my charger to the phone and it started count down the battery percentage for no obvious reason and it was quite depressing for me. All I had to do that time was shut down my phone and start it again. Luckily it started working fine afterwards. So if you ever find yourself likewise when your phone starts acting abnormally than try to restart your phone if it doesn’t solve the issue than backup your data and reset it to factory settings. In most cases it will solve the problem if there’s not any hardware component or OS issue involved.


That’s all for now, let us know in the comments section below about what’s your favorite tip or if you want us to cover any topic of your choice, we’ll surely include it in our upcoming article. Stay connected for more news, reviews and updates!

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