Motorola all set to launch Cellphone with a screen that can repair itself

  • Published On: August 18, 2017
Motorola all set to launch Cellphone with a screen that can repair itself

Motorola has applied for a patent on a self-healing device screen that will be capable of self-healing when apply heat to it, hence the Lenovo-owned company is all set to launch a new cell phone with advanced self-healing technology.

However, this sort of initiative related to ‘more advance technology’ is not going to be the first time as the company has already designed and released cell phones with shatter-proof displays in previous times.


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How self-healing device screen works:

Basically self-healing device is made up of ‘Polymer’ which has the ability to fix scratches on the phone’s display. The heat can be applied on the screen of the device in order to repair scratches and damages that are beyond minor damages.

Although, according to company’s statement: this self-healing technology is not hundred percent sufficient for instance; if the device’s screen shatters or even breaks, the technology might not heal the device screen.

Here, we would like to inform you that motorola is not the first company that came up with this idea of self-healing technology. Infact, LG is the first mobile manufacturer that designed a cell phone named G Flex 2 almost two years back having the same technology used in it.

It will definitely a great deal for all the smartphone users, if this self-healing device screen technology proves successful hence no more mobile repairing shop visits will be required.

That’s all for now, we will definitely continue to update the story as more details regarding the price and specifications of the device come in. Stay connected for more updates.

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