All Latest SCOM 3G/4G Internet / Call / SMS / Super Card Packages 2019

  • Published On: March 05, 2019
SCOM Internet and Call Packages

Special Communication Organization Network also known as SCOM was basically launched back in 2004 and is the only GSM mobile services provider operating in Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The company offers best network coverage in the 450 cities including rural and urban areas of the aforementioned localities. SCOM has introduced cheapest 3G/4G Internet packages for its subscribers which includes Daily, Weekly and Monthly bundles.


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The company has also introduced cheapest SCOM Call Packages with affordable rates. Please find complete details of all latest SCOM Internet & Call Packages and SCOM Super Card Offers below:


Table Of Contents:

  1. SCOM Internet Bundles
  2. SCOM Super Card Packages
  3. SCOM Prepaid Call Plans for AJK
  4. SCOM Prepaid GSM Plans for GB

1. SCOM 3G/4G Internet Packages:

Please find latest SCOM Internet Packages details below. These internet packages are extremely affordable ranging between Rs. 20 to Rs. 549 and offers fast internet connectivity i.e. SCOM Monthly Internet Packages gives you the freedom to enjoy amazing incentives for 1 whole months at cheapest rates. Here are the details:

SCOM Daily Data PackageRs. 20200 MB1 Day
SCOM Daily Plus Package Rs. 29500 MB1 Day
SCOM Weekly Data PackageRs. 75800 MB7 Days
SCOM Super Weekly PackageRs. 1291GB + 1GB7 Days
SCOM Monthly Internet PackageRs. 3003.5GB30 Days
SCOM Monthly Gold PackageRs. 4496GB30 Days
SCOM Monthly Premium PackageRs. 54910GB30 Days

a. How to Subscribe to SCOM Internet Packages:

  • Customers can dial *111# and then follow instructions to active any of the desired SCOM Internet Packages

Terms & Conditions:

  • SCOM Internet Packages are available for all SCOM customers who reside in GB or AJK
  • No Package Activation / Deactivation charges are applicable
  • After Package expiry, standard GPRS rates will apply
  • Package will be re-subscribed automatically after 24 hours
  • Customers with insufficient balance will be unsubscribed automatically
  • Internet Packages can not be consumed while International Roaming

2. SCOM Super Card Packages:

Please find complete details of all latest SCOM Super Card Offers & Packages below:

SCOM Super Card Packages 

SCOM Super Card for 15/30 Days:

SCOM Super Card Offers, gives you the freedom to stay connected with your friends & family for 15 days or 30 days.

a. SCOM Super Card for 15 Days:

  1. 700 SCOM to SCOM Minutes
  2. 70 SCOM to Other Local Networks Minutes
  3. 750 Local SMS
  4. 750 MB Mobile Internet
  5. SCOM Super Card Price is Rs. 300
  6. Validity is 15 Days

b. SCOM Super Card for 30 Days:

  1. 1,600 SCOM to SCOM Minutes
  2. 150 SCOM to Other Local Networks Minutes
  3. 2000 Local SMS
  4. 1,600 MB Mobile Internet
  5. SCOM Super Card Price is Rs. 500
  6. Validity is 30 Days

c. How to check SCOM Packages FREE Minutes/SMS/MBs:

  • Customers can dial 129 to check remaining resources

d. How to Share Balance (SCOM to SCOM)

Please follow the method given below to share SCOM balance:

  • Go to Dialpad > Dial *128*Amount*MobileNumber# (For Subscribers in Azad Kashmir)
  • Go to Dialpad > Dial *128*MobileNumber*Amount# (For Customers in Gilgit Baltistan)

e. How to Activate SCOM Prepaid Packages:

To activate SCOM Prepaid Packages, please follow the steps given below:

  1. Dial 725
  2. SCOM Customer Care Representative, will note your Package activation request
  3. In the next step, you will receive a confirmation text that the Package has successfully been activated on your number

f. SCOM Call Charges:

  1. SCOM Call Rates for customers in AZAD JAMMU & KASHMIR - Rs. 11.95
  2. SCOM Call Rates for customers in Gilgit Baltistan - Rs. 10

g. How to check SCOM Postpaid Balance:

SCOM Postpaid Customers will need to follow these steps to check their balance:

  1. Go to Message Option
  2. Type QC
  3. Send it to 99999

3. SCOM Prepaid Call Packages for AZAD JAMMU & KASHMIR:

To Activate SCOM Prepaid Packages, customers can dial *725#

SCOM to SCOMRs. 1.15 + Tax/Minute
SCOM to PTCL or Other NetworksRs. 1.60 + Tax/Minute
F&F Activation for SCOM Numbers (5 Only)Rs. 30 + Tax
Add New F&F NumbersRs. 15 + Tax/Number
F&F ChargingRs. 0.73 + Tax/Minute
International SMS RatesRs. 4.99 + Tax/SMS
On-net / Off-net SMSRs. 0.45 + Tax/SMS

a. SCOM 24 Ghantay Package (AJK):

Daily Line RentRs. 15 Per Day+tax
SCOM to SCOM Family (24 Hours)Rs. 0
SCOM to OMORs. 1.60+Tax
SMS to All Networks for 24 hrsRs. 0.30+tax/SMS

b. SCOM Azadi Call Package:

SCO Wide (SCO Family) 7AM to 10AMRs. 0.99+tax/Minute
SCO Wide (SCO Family) 10AM to 7AMRs. 0.25+tax/Minute
PTCL / OMO 24 HrsRs. 1.49+tax/Minute
SMS for 24 HoursRs. 0.20+tax/SMS

c. SCOM Kashmir Package:

SCO Wide (SCO Family)Rs. 0.99+tax/Minute
PTCL & Other NetworksRs. 1.49+tax/Minute
SMSRs. 0.30+tax/SMS

d. SCOM SMS Package (AJK):

SMS for All Networks3000
Subscription RatesRs. 100+tax
Validity30 Days

e. SCOM to SCOM FREE Minutes:

CardFREE Calling Minutes

f. SCOM GPRS/EDGE Internet Tariff for PRepaid Subscribers:



SCO Wide (SCO Family) 6AM to 6PMRs. 0
SCO Wide (SCO Family) 6PM to 6AMRs. 1.10+tax
PTCL & Other NetworksRs. 1.60+tax
Daily LRRs. 8/Day
SMS (On-net/Off-net) 6AM to 6PMRs. 0
SMS (On-net/Off-net) 6PM to 6AMRs. 0.30+tax/SMS
  • Note: 17% GST will apply on all of the aforementioned Tariffs

4. SCOM Prepaid GSM Packages for Gilgit Baltistan:

Please find complete details of all latest SCOM Prepaid Packages for subscribers who reside in Gilgit Baltistan:

a. SCOM Gilgit Baltistan Tariff:

SCOM to SCOMRs. 1.15/Minute
SCOM to Other Networks including PTCLRs. 1.60/Minute
F&F Activation for 5 SCOM NumbersRs. 30
Add New F&FRs. 15/Number
Charging for 24 hours on Family PackageRs. 0.73/Minute
On-net / Off-net SMSRs. 0.45/SMS
International SMSRs. 4.99/SMS

b. SCOM 24 Ghantay Package:

SCOM to SCO FamilyRs. 0
SCOM to PTCL / OMORs. 1.6/Minute
LRRs. 15/Day

c. SCOM ‘AZADI CALL’ Bundle:

SCOM Wide (SCOM Family) 7AM to 10AMRs. 0.99/Minute
SCOM to SCOM / SCO PSTN / CDMA 10PM to 7AMRs. 0.25/Minute
SMS 24 HoursRs. 0.20 (5 Paisa/SMS)
PTCL OMO 24 HoursRs. 1.49/Minute
  • Rs. 10 will be deducted as subscription charges
  • For Zong Roaming subscribers, Per Minute Roaming Charges would be Rs. 0.45/Minute

d. SCOM Poora Din Baat Package:

SCO Wide (SCO Family) 6AM - 6PMRs. 0
SCO Wide (SCO Family) 6PM - 6AMRs. 1.10
PTCL & Other NetworksRs. 1.60
Daily LRRs. 8 Per Day
SMS 6AM to 6PM (On-net/Off-net)Rs. 0
SMS 6PM to 6AM (On-net/Off-net)Rs. 0.30/SMS

e. GPRS/EDGE Tariff for Prepaid Customers in Gilgit Baltistan:

GPRS/EDGE15 Minutes/MBRe. 1


SCO Wide (SCOM to SCO Family)Rs. 1/Minute
PTCL/OMORs. 1.60/Minute
Daily LRNot Applicable
After 3000 SMS, these rates will be appliedRs. 0.25/SMS

These were all latest SCOM Internet/Call Packages along with SCOM Super Card details. Do let us know if you found this article helpful and interesting. Stay connected!

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