Warid SMS Packages (Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly) Prepaid / Postpaid

  • Published On: December 29, 2017
Warid SMS Packages (Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly) Prepaid / Postpaid

With Warid SMS packages for (Daily, 3 Day Weekly, Monthly) usage, Warid Prepaid and Postpaid customers can always stay-in-touch with their friends and family. Today, we will briefly discuss Warid SMS Plus Package, Warid Daily SMS Package, Warid Daily SMS + WhatsApp Package, Warid Weekly SMS Package, Warid Monthly SMS Package and many more.


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About Warid:

Warid is one of the best network providers in Pakistan which offers GSM, HSPA+ and LTE based services. Headquartered in Lahore, Warid is also famous as the largest mobile operators in the country.

Warid Helpline: 321

Quick Facts About Warid:

Founded In2004
HeadquarteredLahore, Pakistan
ProductsMobile / Data services, Mobile banking, Blackberry solution
Warid Helpline Number321 (from Warid SIM) 111-111-321 (Landline)

Following is an updated list of Warid SMS Packages for (Daily, 3 Day, Weekly & Monthly) Usage for Warid Prepaid as well as Postpaid Subscribers. You can read full article or simply click on the titles below to jump straight to your desired section:

  1. Warid Daily SMS Packages Prepaid
  2. Warid 3 Day SMS Packages Prepaid
  3. Warid Weekly SMS Packages Prepaid
  4. Warid Monthly SMS Packages Prepaid
  5. Warid Postpaid SMS Packages
  6. Warid Postpaid SMS + WhatsApp Packages
  7. Activation Details (Warid Postpaid SMS + WhatsApp Packages)
  8. Deactivation Details (Warid Postpaid SMS + WhatsApp Packages)

Warid Daily SMS Packages Prepaid:

TypeChargesIncentivesValidity (Days)How to SubscribeHow to Unsubscribe
SMS plus2.38 ( Incl. Tax)1501 Day*106*1# *106*4#
Daily sms4.77 ( Incl. Tax)12001 Day*101*1*01#*101*4*01#
Daily Sms + Whatsapp5.98 ( Incl. Tax)1500 + 10 MB for Whatsapp Messages1 Day*334#*334*4#
Glow Daily Bundle 1Rs 1.5+ tax500 SMS to all networks1 Day*777*500#-
Glow Daily Bundle 2Rs 2.99+ tax400 SMS to all networks1 Day*777*400#-
Power PackRs 4.99+tax5 on-net mins+100 SMS+5 MBs1 DaySMS P to 7777-
Daily BundleRs. 30+tax200 on-net+10 off-net mins+300 SMS+30 MBs1 Day*99*11#-

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Warid 3 Day SMS Packages Prepaid:

Besides, Daily / Weekly and Monthly SMS Packages, Warid also offers 3 Day SMS Packages. Here are the details:

PackageChargesHow to ActivateIncentives
3 Day SMSRs. 5*32*30#500 SMS+50 MBs
3 Day BundleRs. 70+tax*99*1#300 on-net mins+30 off-net mins+500 SMS+500 MBs

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Warid Weekly SMS Packages Prepaid:

PackageCharges How to ActivateIncentivesValidity
Weekly Sms13.13 ( Incl. Tax)*101*1*07#1,300 + 25 MBs for Whatsapp Messages7 Days
7 Day OfferRs 110 incl.tax*99*7#700 on-net mins+70 off-net mins+700 SMS+700 MBs7 Days
Poora Hafta OfferRs.80 inlc.taxSMS WO to 3333100 on-net mins(mon-sat)+250 on-net mins(sunday)+ 1000 SMS+250 MBs7 Days
Glow Weekly SMS 1Rs 7.99+ tax*777*1000#1000 SMS to all networks7 Days
Glow Weekly SMSRs 9.99+ taxSMS WS to 33331000 SMS to all networks7 Days

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Warid Monthly SMS Packages:

PackageCharges How to ActivateIncentivesValidity
Monthly Sms47.79 ( Incl. Tax)*101*1*02#10,000 + 500 MBs for Whatsapp Messages30 Days
Mahana OfferRs 520 incl.tax*99*33#1500 on-net mins+100 off-net mins+1500 SMS+1500 MBs30 Days
Glow Monthly SMSRs 70+ taxSend MS to 333310,000 SMS (all networks+500 MBs for WhatsApp)30 Days

Terms & Conditions:

  • For Balance Inquiry Dial *111# for Rs. 0.24 (tax inclusive)
  • For any additional query call 111 helpline for Rs. 2.39 (tax inclusive)
  • Withholding tax of 14% applies on recharge/bill
  • Packages Offers are subject to change anytime
  • Terms and Conditions apply
  • Service charges of 5% and operational fee of 5% applies on recharge, and 19.5% FED applies on usage in Punjab, Balochistan and KPK
  • Service charges of 5.06% and operational fee of 5.06% applies on recharge, and 18% FED applies on usage in Sindh
  • Service charges of 5.04% and operational fee of 5.04% applies on recharge, and 18.5% FED applies on usage in rest of Pakistan
  • Prices in Sindh will be 1.27% higher than other areas
  • Prices in rest of Pakistan excluding Punjab and KPK will be 0.84% higher
  • Your SIM is your identity; only use SIMs issued through Biometric Verification – PTA

Warid Postpaid SMS Packages:

Here are the details of all Warid Postpaid SMS Packages:

PackageChargesHow to ActivateIncentives
Monthly Super Hybrid PackageRs. 200*99*1#1000 on-net mins+1000 SMS+1000 MBs
Monthly Unlimited Hybrid OfferRs. 400*99*2#2500 on-net mins+2500 SMS+2500 MBs
Super Monthly Bundle OfferRs. 500*727#1000 on-net mins+250 off-net mins+1000 SMS+1000 MBs
Unlimited Monthly Bundle OfferRs. 1000*727#2500 on-net mins+500 off-net mins+2500 SMS+2500 MBs

Warid Postpaid SMS + WhatsApp Packages:

PackageChargesFree SMSFree WhatsApp
Zoom BasicRs. 50+tax250250 MB
Zoom LimitedRs. 90+tax750750 MB
Zoom UnlimitedRs. 210+tax7500N/A

Activation Details:

  • Dial *767# for activation
  • Type "ZOOMBA" for Zoom Basic & send it to 4000 for activation
  • Type "ZOOMLA" for Zoom Limited & send it to 4000 for activation
  • Type "ZOOMULA" for Zoom Unlimited & send it to 4000 for activation
  • Dial *767*3# for balance check of Zoom basic & Zoom Limited bundles

De-activation Details:

  • Type “ZOOMBD” for Zoom Basic & send it to 4000 for de-activation
  • Type “ZOOMLD” for Zoom Limited & send it to 4000 for de-activation
  • Type “ZOOMULD” for Zoom Unlimited & send it to 4000 for de-activation

Terms & Conditions:

  • Voice calling on WhatsApp will be charged as per bundle or base rates, whichever is applicable
  • There are no additional security deposit requirements for subscriptions
  • Bundle benefit & charges will be advance & pro-rated i.e. for any subscription during the middle of the month customer will charged as per remaining days of the month
  • Existing Zoom Limited customers need to activate revised bundle to avail upgraded benefits
  • Free SMS will be usable for local on-net &off-net networks only
  • Free MBs can be used in both 2G &LTE environments
  • Customer cannot subscribe to Basic, Limited, Unlimited bundles at the same time
  • Bundle benefits & charges are applicable to one billing month
  • Bundle is recursive and will be re-activated on bill day
  • Only Zoom Unlimited customers will get 7500 SMS/MMS per month

Editor’s Note: This post was published in April 2018 and has now been updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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