Ufone Self Service Booth allows you to perform all support-related services securely

  • Updated On: July 09, 2018
Ufone Self Service Booth allows you to perform all support-related services securely

Just like Telenor Self Service Booths, Ufone has also introduced Ufone Self-Service Booths that help customers round the clock to perform various tasks such as Issuance of New Ufone SIM, Bill Payment / Recharge, SIM Change Facility, Super Card Load, Issuance of Daewoo Bus Service Tickets, Biometric Re Verification facility, PTCL Bill Payment and Video-based Customers Support.


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1. What is Self Service Booth:

Self Service Booth is basically an interactive machine just like an ATM machine that allow users to perform various tasks as mentioned earlier. In short, all sort of tasks which were previously offered at Ufone Customer Care Franchise will now be available at all Ufone Self Service Booths 24/7.


2. Ufone Self Service Booths:

Ufone Self Service Booth Machines which are fully equipped with latest & advanced technology also accept Debit as well as Credit Cards for various Bill Payments or any other service which may require fee for instance; New SIM Issuance / Daewoo Bus Tickets etc.


Ufone Self Service Booth offers following features round-the-clock to its customers:

  1. Bill Payment
  2. Recharge Facility
  3. New SIM Issuance (Prepaid Only)
  4. SIM Change
  5. Video-Based Customer Support
  6. Biometric Re Verification
  7. Ufone Super Card Load
  8. Issuance of Daewoo Bus Tickets
  9. PTCL Bills Payment

3. Find Your Nearest Ufone Self Service Booth:

For now, Ufone has 38 Self Service Booths across 11 cities throughout the country. The company is planning to expand its Self Service Booths facility to other areas as well. Here is a list of cities where Ufone Self Service Booths have already been placed and have started facilitating customers:

  1. Lahore
  2. Faisalabad
  3. Gujranwala
  4. Islamabad
  5. Multan
  6. Rawalpindi
  7. Peshawar
  8. Attock
  9. Abbottabad
  10. Sialkot
  11. Karachi

For FAQs or to check out exact location of Ufone Self Service Booths on Google Maps click here


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