Ufone WhatsApp Packages FREE | Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly (Latest)

  • Updated On: October 02, 2018
Ufone WhatsApp Packages FREE | Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly (Latest)

Ufone WhatsApp Packages free, customers can always stay connected with their friends & family. Ufone has designed various WhatsApp Packages such as (Ufone WhatsApp Package Daily, Ufone WhatsApp Package Monthly 2018 and more) just to make sure that their customers are always staying-in-touch with their loved-ones.

WhatsApp has become a very important part of our lives and since, Ufone has designed various WhatsApp Packages for Daily, Weekly or Monthly usage. Hence, we have gathered all Ufone Packages below so that our readers can easily find one according to their need and affordability. Please find complete Ufone WhatsApp Daily, Weekly, Monthly details below:

Please find an updated list of Ufone WhatsApp Packages 2018 | Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly. You can read full article or simply click on the titles below to jump straight to your desired section:

  1. Ufone WhatsApp Package Daily
  2. Ufone WhatsApp Package 3 Day
  3. Ufone WhatsApp Weekly Packages
  4. Ufone WhatsApp Packages Monthly 2018

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1. Ufone WhatsApp Package Daily:

Ufone WhatsApp Packages Daily, gives you the freedom to stay connected with your friends & family at affordable charges for 1 whole day. Please find complete details of Ufone WhatsApp Daily Packages below including Subscription Code, Charges, Validity, Check Remaining Code and other details:

Ufone WhatsApp PackagesIncentivesPriceValiditySubscribeCheck Remaining
Ufone Daily Chat Package 110,000+Unlimited MBs for WhatsAppRs. 5(Incl. tax)24 Hours*630#*706#
Ufone Daily Chat Package 210000 SMS All Networks + Unlimited MBs for WhatsAppRs. 5(Incl. tax)1 Day *3465#*706#
Ufone WhatsApp Package DailyUnlimited MBs for WhatsAppRs. 5(Incl. tax)1 Day *4242#*707#
Ufone Social Daily Package100MB for FB/Twitter/WhatsAppRs. 5(Incl. tax)1 Day *4422#*706#
Ufone Special Daily BucketUnlimited WhatsApp/ Twitter/FB/Line+50MBRs. 5(Incl. tax)1AM to 9PMDaily*3461#*707#
Ufone Streaming Offer500MB for Youtube & Dailymotion Rs. 8(Incl. tax)1 Hour*78#*706#
Ufone Daily Light BucketUnlimited WhatsApp /Line/FB/TwitterRs. 10(Incl. tax)1 Day *2256#*706#
Ufone Mega Internet2GBRs. 12(Incl. tax)Daily (1AM till 8PM)*550#*707#
Ufone Daily HeavyUnlimited WhatsApp/FB/Twitter/Line+75MBRs. 15(Incl. tax)1 Day *2258#*706#

2. Ufone WhatsApp 3 Day Package:

Ufone has specially designed a 3 day WhatsApp Package for all Social Media Geeks to fulfill all their social-connection hunger. Please find complete details of Ufone 3 Day WhatsApp Package including Subscribe code, Price, Validity and other information below:

PackagePriceIncentivesValiditySubscribeCheck Status
Ufone 3 Day WhatsApp PackageRs. 25(Incl. tax)Unlimited FB/WhatsApp/Line/Twitter+100MB3 Days*3350#*706#

3. Ufone WhatsApp Weekly Package:

With Ufone Weekly WhatsApp Package, customers can enjoy various Ufone WhatsApp Weekly Packages at affordable rates for 1 whole Week without being worried about running out of balance. These packages includes Weekly Light, Weekly Super and Weekly Internet Plus Buckets. Please find complete package details below:

PackagePriceIncentivesValiditySubscribeCheck Status
Ufone Weekly Light WhatsApp PackageRs. 50(Incl. tax)Unlimited FB/WhatsApp/Twitter/Line+250MB7 Days*7811#*707#
Ufone Super Internet WhatsApp PackageRs. 100(Incl. tax)1.2GB Internet7 Days*220#*707#
Ufone Weekly Internet Plus PackageRs. 150(Incl. tax)3GB7 Days*260#*706#

4. Ufone WhatsApp Package Monthly 2018:

Enjoy various Social Media Apps including WhatsApp, Twitter, Line and Facebook at affordable rates for 1 whole Month. But that’s not all, as Ufone provides extra incentives in shape of extra GBs along with these intelligently designed social buckets. Please find complete details of Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Packages below:

PackagePriceIncentivesValiditySubscribeCheck Status
Ufone WhatsApp Monthly PackageRs. 50(Incl. tax)Unlimited MBs for WhatsApp/FB/Twitter30 Days *5858#*706#
Ufone Monthly Light WhatsApp PackageRs. 250(Incl. tax)Unlimited WhatsApp/FB/Twitter/Line + 1GB30 Days*7807#*707#
Ufone Monthly Heavy WhatsApp Package Rs. 500(Incl. tax)Unlimited WhatsApp/FB/Twitter/Line + 3GB30 Days*803#*706#
Ufone Monthly Max WhatsApp PackageRs. 1000(Incl. tax)Unlimited WhatsApp/FB/Twitter/Line + 10GB30 Days*5100#*707#

Terms & Conditions:

  • Customers are requested to dial *3# from their 2G/3G enabled handset to choose their desired Mobile Internet Buckets  
  • Volume accumulator will reset at 00:00 hours each day
  • To check remaining resources, please dial *707#
  • After the consumption of bucket data, charging will be done according to the default tariff i.e. Rs.2.50 per MB at a charging pulse of 512 Kb. On usage of 25MB you will get 150MB free till midnight.
  • All Whatsapp calls will be charged from data bucket resources
  • All buckets are valid for prepaid users only
  • Dial *706# to check the remaining resources of the buckets
  • All prices will be inclusive of taxes
  • Bucket subscribers will get maximum available speeds. Actual Internet speed will depend on multiple factors for instance; location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers etc.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know if you found Ufone WhatsApp Packages Free for Daily, 3 Day, Weekly, Monthly usage, helpful and interesting.

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uzair2018-10-06 20:53:46
I am using Ufone WhatsApp Monthly Package that is of Rs: 50 PKR, but i could not able to make audio/vedio call from whatsapp, but can send, audio or vedio messege. woul dyou like to tell me that why i can not able to make call after using this package?

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