Zong 2G, 3G and 4G Internet packages and bundles complete details with Activation codes, Data limits and validity (Updated)

  • Updated On: May 17, 2018
Zong 2G, 3G and 4G Internet packages and bundles complete details with Activation codes, Data limits and validity  (Updated)

With Zong 2G, 3G, 4G Internet Packages for Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Social bundles (Whatsapp, FaceBook)  and Free unlimited use, Zong customers can enjoy lightning fast uninterrupted internet experience with smooth connectivity and amazing speeds. Zong offers a wide range of Zong Internet Offers as well as Zong 4G Internet SIM Packages.

Today, we will briefly discuss all Zong 4G Internet Packages which includes Zong Hourly Internet Packages, Zong Night Internet Packages, Zong Daily Internet Packages, Zong Weekly Internet Packages, Zong Monthly Internet Packages, Zong 3G Internet Packages, Zong Internet SIM Packages, Zong FREE Internet and many more.


About Zong:  

Zong or China Mobile Pakistan is a Pakistan mobile network operator, headquartered in Islamabad and offers data and voice services ranging from prepaid and postpaid plans. The company was founded in 2008 and was the the first cellular company in Pakistan to acquire the 4G licence in spectrum auction held in Islamabad in the month of April, 2014. Since then Zong has introduced number of internet packages for daily, weekly, and monthly usage. Today we will find out Zong Internet Packages which includes Zong 2G, 3G and 4G internet bundles and packages complete details. Zong has more than 300 franchises nationwide with around 200,000 retail partners. Please find complete details of Zong Daily, Weekly and Monthly  2G, 3G and 4G internet bundles and packages.


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Website: www.zong.com

Customer Care: Dial 310 from your Zong Number OR Dial 111-222-111 from any landline or mobile number with area code for assistance.


Following an updated list of Zong Internet Packages. You can read full article or simply click on the titles below to jump straight to your desired section

  1. Zong Hourly Internet Packages Prepaid
  2. Zong Night Internet Package Prepaid
  3. Zong Daily Internet Packages Prepaid
  4. Zong Weekly Internet Packages Prepaid
  5. Zong Shandaar Weekly Package
  6. Zong Monthly Internet Packages Prepaid
  7. Zong All-in-1 Internet Packages Prepaid
  8. Zong Super Student Package
  9. Zong Social Internet Packages Prepaid / Zong 4G Social Micro Packages
  10. Zong Other Internet Packages Prepaid
  11. Zong Unlimited Internet Package
  12. Zong Internet Data Share Packages Prepaid
  13. Zong Internet Packages - Facebook Flex
  14. Zong Internet Packages - UC Browser Bundle Offer
  15. How to Activate Zong FREE Internet
  16. Zong Internet Devices (Price, Features and Packages)
  17. Zong Postpaid Internet Packages (Addons)
  18. Zong Other Postpaid Internet Packages
  19. Zong 4G Internet SIM Packages

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Zong Hourly Internet Packages Prepaid:

PackagePriceInternet DataValidityHow to Subscribe
Mini520 MBs24 Hours*6464#
Basic15100 MBs24 Hours*6464#
Premium25200 MBs24 Hours*6464#
  • Dial *6464# to subscribe for Zong Hourly Internet Packages Prepaid and Select your desired package.

Zong Night Internet Package Prepaid:

Package PriceInternet DataValidityHow to Subscribe
Zong Good Night OfferRs. 12+Tax/day2GB Applicable from 1am to 9amSMS "gno" to 6464

Zong Daily Internet Packages Prepaid:

Package / OfferCost Volume Validity
Daily Mini Rs. 05201 Day
Daily Basic Rs. 15 1001 Day
Daily PremiumRs. 252001 Day
Daily Data Max Rs. 325001 Day
Daytime OfferRs. 121GB4am to 4pm
  • For tariff activation menu: dial *6464#
  • To check remaining balance: dial *102#
  • Out of bundle charges are Rs.1/MB which will be charged as per the bundle expiry.
  • Out of Bundle Charges: A user will be charged an out of bundle rate of Rs.1/MB as mentioned above till the validity of the bundle instead of actual rate which is Rs. 4/MB in case if he/she doesn’t purchase an add-on after the volume consumption of the data package.
  • Add-ons: Add-ons are basically small increments that the user can purchase after volume consumption of data package in order to continue uninterrupted 3G and 4G experience. To activate 100MB Basic add-on for Rs.10 only, SMS “ba” to 6464.

Zong Weekly Internet Packages Prepaid:

Zong offers a wide range of weekly internet packages, here are the details of Zong Weekly Internet Packages code given below:

Package / OfferCostVolumeValidity
Weekly Premium70700MB7 Days
Super Weekly 1002GB 7 Days
Super Weekly Plus1303GB 7 Days
Mega Weekly1604GB 7 Days
  • For tariff activation menu: dial *6464#
  • To check remaining data: dial *102#

Zong Shandaar Weekly Package:

Package / OfferChargesVolumeSubscribe
Zong Shandaar WeeklyRs. 75350Dial *7#
Additional Incentives1000 On-Net Minutes50 Off-Net Minute1000 SMS to All Networks

Zong Monthly Internet Packages Prepaid:

Package / OfferCostVolume Validity
Monthly Mini 150Rs. 50150MB30 Days
Monthly Basic 500Rs. 150500MB30 Days
Monthly Premium 3GBRs. 300 3GB30 Days
Monthly Premium 10GBRs. 600 10GB+Free Nights (1GB FUP) 1am to 9am/Daily30 Days
  • For tariff activation menu: dial *6464#
  • To check remaining data: dial *102#

Zong All-in-1 Internet Packages Prepaid:

Package / OfferCostVolumeOther Incentives
All-In-1 DailyRs. 2040 MB40 Mins(on-net), 4 Mins(off-net), 400 SMS
All-In-1 WeeklyRs. 150500 MB500 Mins(on-net), 40 Mins(off-net), 500 SMS
Haftawar Load OfferRs. 2501500 MB1500 Mins(on-net), 100 Mins(off-net), 1500 SMS
All-In-1 MonthlyRs. 5001500 MB1500 Mins(on-net), 150 Mins(off-net), 1500 SMS
  • Dial *6464# then press 4

Zong Super Student Package:

Package / OfferChargesVolumeValidity
Super Student BundleRs. 5 + tax30 MB2 hours

Zong Social Internet Packages Prepaid / Zong 4G Social Micro Packages:

Package / OfferCostVolumeValidity
Social Pack (Facebook,WhatsApp,Twitter)Rs. 10100MB1 Day
Classified Pack (Daraz,Lamudi,Kaymu,PakWheels & Carmudi)Rs. 550MB1 Day
Facebook DailyRs. 550MB1 Day
WhatsApp DailyRs. 15300MB1 Day
Twitter DailyRs. 220MB1 Day
  • For tariff activation menu dial *6464#
  • To check remaining data dial *102#
  • In case of using the internet without any data bundle subscription, default rate of Rs. 4/MB will be charged.

Zong Other Internet Packages Prepaid:

This internet plan includes Good Night Offer (GNO), WhatsApp daily bundle and Day Time Offer (DTO).

PackageCostVolumeValiditySub CodeUnsub Code
Good Night OfferRs. 12+Tax/day2GBApplicable from 1am to 9amSMS “gno” to 6464“unsub gno” to 6464
Daytime OfferRs. 12+Tax/Day1GBApplicable from 4am to 4pmSMS “dto” to 6464“unsub dto” to 6464
WhatsApp Daily BundleRs. 15 + t/Day300MBApplicable for 1 DayDial *4#-

Zong Unlimited Internet Package:

Zong unlimited internet package gives you the freedom to enjoy Zong FREE internet, here are the details of packages that Zong offers:

PackagePriceHow to SubscribeHow to UnsubscribeRemaining Data
Zong Daily Unlimited Internet PackageRs. 10 / day *909# OR SMS ESUB dailyunlimited to 906unsub dailyunlimited to 909 @Rs. 5Dial *102#
Zong Monthly Unlimited Internet PackageRs. 999 / month SMS SUBUNLIMITED send it to 905Call 310 Dial *102#
  • After consumption of FREE 2 GB, every additional MB will be charged at default package charges

Zong Internet Data Share Packages for Prepaid:

With Zong Prepaid Internet Data Share Bundles the users can share their 2G, 3G and 4G internet bundles with up to ten friends and family members who will be able to enjoy free mobile internet services whereas only one person will purchase the data bundle.

Package / OfferCostVolumeValidity
Monthly 5GBRs. 5005 GB30 days
Monthly 10GBRs. 90010 GB30 days

Subscription Details:

Follow these steps after dialing *6464*5#

  • Create Group
  • Subscribe to a Package
  • Add friends and family member(s)
  • Start Sharing!

The remaining data can be checked by dialing *6464*5# ->4 ->1


Zong Internet Packages - Facebook Flex:

Zong also offers Facebook flex which is definitely a very useful feature for the users, it basically allows Zong users to stay connected with Facebook even if they are running out of balance. This feature allows the users to switch between two modes DATA mode and FREE mode.

DATA Mode: The users can switch this mode on in order to view content such as videos, external links, HD photos and they will be charged according to their data bundles.

FREE Mode: With Free mode, Zong users can enjoy Facebook even when they have zero balance by simply switching to this FREE mode feature, with this mode the users will be able to like, comment, post status, check-ins, chat and send friend requests.

Facebook Free Basics: With the launch of Zong and Facebook joint initiative Free Basics offer gives access to a range of 50 plus services that are totally free which includes news, jobs, health, travel, education, sports, services for women and of course entertainment etc. The free Facebook can easily be accessed from any web browser or with Facebook Application for Android Phones.


Zong Internet Packages - UC Browser Bundle Offer:

This package is only available on UC Browser hence it is necessary to install UC Browser Application for subscription.

UC Browser BundleRs.5+Tax/Day20MB + Extra 20MB Free on 1st time Subscription1 Day
  • SMS “unsub UC” to 6464
  • To view bundle usage *102#

How to Activate Zong FREE Internet:

Zong customers who want to FREE Internet on their Zong SIMs can follow very simple and easy tricks to avail Zong FREE Internet:

How to Activate: Zong 4G FREE Unlimited Internet (Latest & Updated)


Zong Internet Devices:

Zong has introduced various Zong Internet Devices just to make sure that Zong customers are always connected with their loved-ones whether they are at home or on-the-go. Here are the details of Zong Internet Devices:

Check Out: Zong Internet Devices with Price, Features & Packages

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Zong Postpaid Internet Packages (Addons):

BucketCostVolumeValidityActivation & De-Activation
Monthly Mini – 150 MBRs.50150 MBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Basic – 500 MBRs.150500 MBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium – 1GBRs.2501 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium – 2GBRs.3502 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium – 4GBRs.5004 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium – 10GBRs.180010 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Monthly Premium Plus- 20 GBRs.350020 GBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#
Basic Add onRs.10100 MBTill End of Billing Cycle*567#

Zong Other Postpaid Internet Plans

Package Monthly Line Rent (Rs)Minimum Security Deposit (Rs.)VolumeOther incentivesBasic Tariff Data/Volume
Z300300+tax6001000500 on-net, 100 off-net, 500 SMS1 Rs./MB
Z500500+tax100020001500 on-net, 250 off-net, 1000 SMS1 Rs./MB
Z900900+tax20004000Unlimited on-net, 500 off-net,2000 SMS1 Rs./MB
Z15001500+tax30008000Unlimited on-net, 800 off-net, 4000 SMS1 Rs./MB

Terms & Conditions:

  • Dial 310 for activation and further information
  • To know your current monthly limit SMS “CL” to 567
  • To know about your current package FREE Minutes, SMS and Mobile Internet SMS “BL” to 567
  • Two billing cycles of the month are currently available From 1st to 30th / 31st or 16th to 15th, line rent on full will be charged for the first month.
  • Email Subscription Procedure: Free bill can be received by simply sending EBSUB along with complete email address to 3100. In case if you want to change your email then send SMS “EACNew Email Address” to 3100.
  • Unsubscribe your Email: Send EBUN to 3100 to unsubscribe.

Zong 4G Internet SIM Packages Details:

Zong special SIMs are available with a variation of Zong Internet bundles, these Zong Internet SIMs are ready to use so you just have to put it in your Zong Internet Device or any other supported gadget and start using the internet. Since these SIMs are especially designed for Dual SIM handsets hence they are also well-suited with open market MBB devices, Laptops, Tablets and others. Moreover, these SIMs are available at all your nearest Zong Customer Care Centres and Franchises. Zong Internet SIM is a 4G SIM with which customers can enjoy lightning fast speed of 4G Internet if they have 4G LTE enabled devices.

Package / OfferVolume (GB)PriceValidity
3GB - 1 Month Bundle35001 Month
10GB - 1 Month Bundle108001 Month
24GB - 1 Month Bundle2415001 Month
65GB - 1 Month Bundle6525001 Month
3 Month Bundle3GB/Month1,0003 Months
3 Month Bundle10GB/Month1,8003 Months
Day Time Offer (DTO)1GB/Day From 9am to 4pm500As Per Bundle
Good Night Offer (GNO)1GB/Night200As Per Bundle
  • All the above mentioned prices are inclusive of taxes.
  • For further information Dial *6666# from your internet SIM

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in February 2018 and has now been updated and revamped for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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