Complete details of Zong Internet SIM with bundles and activation method

  • Updated On: January 11, 2018
Complete details of Zong Internet SIM with bundles and activation method

China Mobile (Pakistan) which is famously known as Zong in Pakistan is a subsidiary company of “China Mobile” and its first set up outside china. The company acquired a licence to operate GSM network back in the year 2008 in Pakistan from Millicom who were then the majority stake owners of Instaphone. After commencing their operations in Pakistan, zong had received good anticipation from customers because they allowed them to book their desired numbers online at that time. Since then zong is known to offer affordable yet lucrative postpaid, prepaid and internet packages. Today we’ll be covering Zong’s Internet sim packages and details.


What is Zong Internet SIM?

Internet SIM by Zong is specialized data SIM with valuable bundles in affordable prices. This SIM is specially designed for the Dual SIM handsets, it is also compatible with open market MBB devices, Tablets, laptops and any other internet compatible devices.

(Note: Internet SIM supports all internet enabled devices subject to compatibility) Internet SIM is a ready to use SIM just put it in your device and start using the internet.

Please make sure that Zong Internet SIM is inserted in the 3G/4G slot of the dual SIM handset or any other device, there is usually one slot for the 2G and other for 3G or 4G in a device. Internet SIM is 4G SIM by default and all the bundles are 4G and if you have a 4G device then you can surely enjoy the blazing fast speed of 4G. It also has fall back option of 3G/2G depends upon the device and the coverage area.


Key Features:

All the prices of the internet SIM bundles are inclusive of taxes. That means if a bundle price is Rs.300 then you only have to recharge Rs.300 to get that bundle.

If you are using any network SIM as primary SIM and you do not want to change your number but still you want to use 4G internet, you can buy the Zong internet SIM and put it the Internet Slot of your Dual SIM handset, and you can continue using your original number for voice.

You can buy Zong internet SIM, even if you already have 5 SIMs against your CNIC.


How to get Zong internet SIM and activate it?

You can buy zong internet sim from CSC/Franchise or a Zong retailer. You can only activate Zong Internet sim with a bundle so at the time of purchase inform the customer care representative about your choice of bundle so he/she would then activate your newly purchased sim with your desired bundle.

You do not need to activate your package manually each time since all Internet sim bundles are auto renewable, which means that you just need to recharge your Sim Equal to the amount of your bundle and your package will be activated itself.

You can also subscribe to the Add on GNO (Good night offer), which gives you 1GB every night for the remaining days of your original bundle validity. This 1GB is usable from 1am to 9am.If you want to update or change your Existing bundle then you can dial *6666# from your internet SIM to choose your favorite bundle and subscribe it.


Zong internet SIM bundles and Packages

Bundle Validity Price (Rs)
3GB 1 month 500
10GB 1 month 800
24GB 1 month 1,500
50GB 1 month 2,500
3GB/3 Month 3 month 1,000
10GB/3 Month 3 month 1,800
GNO 1GB/Night

(1am to 9am)

As per Bundle 200

*All prices are inclusive of Taxes

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