How to Unblock Zong SIM & Reset PIN Number | How to Check Zong SIM PIN PUK Code

  • Updated On: July 06, 2018
How to Unblock Zong SIM & Reset PIN Number | How to Check Zong SIM PIN PUK Code

How to unblock Zong SIM PIN/PUK code? This is something that many people look for in case if their SIM gets blocked. In this article we will briefly discuss, how to find PUK code of Zong SIM card, Zong PUK code generator, Zong SIM 8 digit PUK code in short we will cover every aspect related to the problems that most of the Zong customers face due to the inconvenience that their SIM gets locked/blocked.


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1. How to Unblock Zong SIM PUK Code (Trick 1):

  1. Go to Write Message Option
  2. Type PUK
  3. Send it to 830
  4. You will shortly receive PUK code of your SIM

2. How to Unblock Zong SIM PUK Code (Trick 2):

This tricks will applied, if you want to know the PUK code of another Zong number. All you need to is Dial 310, Zong customers care representative will ask you to provide SIM Card number (which is printed on your SIM card and contains between 8 - 15 digits), customers will also be asked to provide SIM Owner Info i.e. Name etc. This way, Zong CSR will provide you the required information.


3. Zong PUK Code Generator:

According to Zong, there’s no way to generate PUK code using any software, hence we suggest our audience to be aware of unnecessary blocking of your Zong SIM. Zong Default PIN Number is 0000. If it doesn’t work for you, please do not attempt to enter this PIN number more than 2 times, otherwise your SIM can be blocked.   



To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend our audience to use Applock Apps (if you are a smartphone users) available on Play Store and App Store instead of setting PIN & PUK codes.


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